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The Prophecy of the Marked Ones

Many are the prophecies written by the great oracle Damiro. His vision was true and all that he has foretold has come to pass. Among his more obscure writings is the following:

When darkness rises in one mage,
A scourge of darkness for the age
A man and fiend, a witch's dream
An evil stain on history's page

Then shall the lands be overcast
Then gathering storms shall ever last
Then shall the Art be rent apart
Of goodness shall the races fast

The mage shall seek the thirded shard
And thus made whole shall precious guard
His newfound power beneath his tower
Reap treasures such as sung by bards

So shall the marked ones meet their fate
Who once too oft evoke his hate
A crystal whole shall rend the souls
From form and thought - obliterate

They'll suffer death but will not die
To pass Beyond they'll often try
A bolted Gate will make them wait
No matter where their souls may fly

Formless thoughtless will they roam
And fade to memories barely known
'Til each will find one of like mind
And in all races find a home

Years shall pass while each shall drift
Flawed by curses none can lift
Bound by chains of fate again
Joined by an Arkalian's rift

All shall flee and sail the skies
All shall search with weakening eyes
Two lost jewels found not by fools
The three made one will marked ones rise

Old and new together stay
And try the would be god to slay
Then from the past the brethren last
Shall take the thirded shard away


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