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The Kraken

Although other lands beyond the seas are known, very few ships have ever attempted to reach them. Vast, uncharted oceans are one obstacle. However, what truly frightens seasoned sailors are the tales of a creature called the Kraken. According to legend, the Kraken is a huge and ferocious sea monster that attacks ships with little provocation. Actual encounters with this beast are quite rare, but tales of sea monster attacks are popular in seaport taverns and are embellished with every retelling.

Descriptions of the sea beast and elaborate, detailed and almost never agree. It can be stated with little fear of inaccuracy that the beast is either reptilian, crustacean or squid like. Its color apparently varies between blue, green, grey and black. There are two things that all the stories agree upon - the Kraken is huge... larger than most ships and it has tentacles.

The Kraken does not seem to be confined to any one geographic area. Rather, attacks have been reported in all the major bodies of water: the Great Western Ocean, the Sea of Chaos, the Sapphire Main and even the Crystal Deep. The Kraken seems to only attack ships that are far out in the deep sea.

Survivors of such attacks tell horrific tales of the beast tearing ships to pieces and feasting on the drowning sailors. Despite the scary stories, kraken attacks are exceptionally rare. Very few people have actually survived a kraken attack but there are many boastful mariners who claim to have.


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