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The Lost Far Gates

Like the Thullian Empire, the Kytohan Empire enjoyed a golden age of prosperity prior to the Sundering. During this time, the Kytohan empire ruled over most of the continent of Aggradar. Among the empire’s many impressive achievements was the completion of a network of teleport gates that spanned most of their realm. These gates were known as the Far Gates. The Thullian Empire had also begun working on a network of teleport gates, but the Kytohan Empire was far ahead. The Far Gates of the Kytohan Empire were completed and functioning decades prior to the Sundering whereas the gate network in the Thullian Empire was still being built when the Sundering occurred.

The only region not connected by the Far Gates was the west... the lands currently known as the Iron States and the Sybrenar Imperium, because those lands, at the time, were home to the barbarian hordes and had not yet been conquered by the empire). Each gate was contained with a castle. Access to the gates was restricted. The secrets to the functioning of these gates were a closely guarded secret.

The Far Gates were a vast network with a total of 54 gates. However, when the Sundering struck the world, most of the Far Gates were obliterated. Others were later destroyed during the World Storm and the subsequent wars. Some were damaged and their magic eventually flickered out. Eventually, only seventeen gates remained. Over the centuries, these gates faded from memory. Their castles crumbled to ruin, their locations forgotten. The spells necessary to make them function were lost. Eventually, the Far Gates were nothing more than an obscure legend.

Some years ago, one of the Far Gates was rediscovered as were the spells surrounding its operation. The discovery of one gate led to another and so on. Gate by gate, the network was re-established. At the present time, there are only a handful of mages on Aggradar who know of the gates and the spell to activate them. With such knowledge, these mages can move about the continent between any of the seventeen remaining gates. The Far Gates are, once again, a closely guarded secret.

Recently, the last Far Gate, the seventeenth gate, was reconnected. It turns out that this final gate is deep in the Desolation of Shidar. The Chaddamarian authorities are unaware of any of this. It is almost certain that the Chaddamar Theocracy would be willing to start a full scale war if they learned of the Gates and the location of the last one. They would stop at nothing to destroy all gates (because any of the functioning gates could be seen as a doorway to their “Hell”).


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