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There are nine distinct dialects, one for each house of the Phellysians. However, these are similar and speakers of one dialect can usually translate simple ideas into another dialect with little difficulty. All nine dialects share many words, a similar grammatical structure and a universal alphabet.


The Phellysian language is a beautiful, soft language. Vowels take precedence over consonants. This results in a language with very few harsh sounds. It is similar to and often compared to the musical and more complex elven tongue. In Phellysian, adjectives follow nouns and there is a plethora of syntax words which have no translation.


Phellysian, like Bathyn, is directly descending from the Mirran, a pre-War language used in western Ithria. Mirran, in turn, was descended from the ancient Darzek tribal tongues. Written phellysian consists of 50 letters taken from the Mirran alphabet. Ten mirran characters have been dropped. Writing is secondary though. This is primarily a spoken language and writing and reading are not widespread in this culture.


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