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There are no variations in the Karthasian languages. Even though the Karthasians are divided up geographically and socially by strict hives, their language is consistent. Karthic is spoken in the Karth peninsula and virtually nowhere else. A few Myrians and Phellysians have learned this language.


The language of the Karthasians is unspeakable by most other life forms. It consists of a series of clicks and buzzes. When a Karthasian speaks another language, it utilizes a very proper, formal, organized pattern of grammar and often creates odd sentence constructions. The Karthasians follow the rules of grammar in any language to the letter even when such rules conflict. Similarly, the rules of grammar for Karthasian are extremely complex and very difficult to master. Karthic uses a strict object/subject/verb sentence pattern and the variety of suffixes and prefixes attach to root words is endless.


Karthic is a complex language of 248 letters and endless grammatical rules. Literally thousands of phonemes, suffixes and prefixes exists. Morphemes tend to be small and fit together with almost mathematical precision. Writing is always formal. Letters are small, neat and consist of hooked serifs and thin/thick stroke combinations.


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