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The central language of the Baenites is called Baenese. It originated from the Thullian tongue, but due to Baenite cultural purity, Baenese has developed into a linguistically unique language. It is very difficult to translate complex ideas or culture specific ideas into or out of Baenese. Like Avar, Baen is geographically focused and therefore has one main language without subdivisions.


Baenese consists of many subtle variations in tone and vowel sound. It also includes a number of nasal and throaty sounds which non-Baenese speakers find difficult to imitate.


The baenese alphabet shares many similarities with the Thullian language from which it came. Over the centuries additional letters have been added to accommodate unique vocal sounds of Baenese. The alphabet now consists of 38 letters which are written with sharp, angular strokes. Grammatically, it is a very logical, almost mathematical, language. Baenite writing tends to be small and efficient, even when using other languages.


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