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Ruler His Lordship, the Right Honorable Mayor Kanjik Mari, the Wise
Population 25,800
Demographics Human (Juenta) 64%, Human (Padashani) 14%, Human (Anquaran) 8%, Human (Ithrian Southern) 5%, Sea Gypsies 4%, Human (Mytharian) 3%, Secambru 1%, Other 1%
Adjectival/Demonym Pujaran/Pujaran
Languages Juenta 67%, Padashi 15%, Quaryn 7%, Juema 5%, Southern 3%, Mytharian 1%, Secambru 1%, Other 1%
Nationality None. Independent.
National Colors Blue, green and grey.
Year Founded 2494 CY
Currency Mixed.
Natural Resources Sheep, fish, whales, flax, barley, oats, timber and gold.
Manufactured Goods and Major Exports Mutton, wool, textiles, salted fish, whale oil.
Wealth Average
Government Type Aristocracy
Government Stability Stable
Allies The Juenta Kingdoms
Enemies None
Walled No 
Crime Level Moderate
Corruption Level Moderate
Technology Level Dark Ages
Primary Religion None
Other Religion Various
Climate Cool temperate
Terrain Grasslands, rolling hills and forest

Pujar is an independent town on the island of Kasadeem south of Qeshir. It is a primarily a fishing and whaling town, but also a center for trade and farming community. The city is ruled by a Lord Mayor and city council which is composed mostly of aristocratic guild leaders and business owners. The population is a mix of fisherman, whalers, farmers, miners and craftsmen. It is a racial melting pot. Juenta, Padashani, Anquarans, Ithrian southerners, sea gypsies and more can all be found in here. It's remote location and independent status have made it a haven for exiles, runaways and wanted criminals. As such, it has a thriving underworld community. It is a port town and ships from distant nations stop here for supplies and to trade. Pirate ships smuggle stolen goods here to be fenced for profit. 

The island has a massive population of sheep. Mutton and wool are two major exports which are traded with the Juenta Kingdoms, Anquar and the Secambru.

Pujar is the only major civilized port in this region. The next closest port is the town of Vasht, in the Juenta Kingdoms, more than 1600 kilometers away.


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