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Irondale is a dwarven stronghold high in the western Northern Tusks. This is one of many smaller dwarven communities that have been established separate from the larger city-states of Urmordia or Ulkran. While those behemoths number in the millions, Irondale has a population of only 17,000 dwarves.

Irondale is a single large structure, a great fortress of stone built into the side of Mount Uru. Although it is built on the surface, it has many chambers and halls and corridors that go deep into the mountain beneath it.

Irondale is situated in a small valley, between Mount Uruís twin peaks. The mountain is a geologically rich area, mostly iron, for which Irondale is named. The dwarves of Irondale are said to be the best metalsmiths the world over, surpassing even the skills of their brothers in the two dwarven nations.

Irondale is a collective commune, ruled over by a council of 13 elder dwarves who are elected to their positions by popular vote from the citizens. Only after a lifetime or hard work and community service can one be elected to the Council of Irondale.

Irondale is not the only independent dwarven enclave, but it is the largest and the most well known.


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