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The Crossroads

"Welcome to the Crossroads. We have something for everyone..."
- Gold Tooth, grumman trader

Ruler Lord Mayor, Travik the Red
Population 50,400
Demographics Human 50% (even mix of Northerns, Southerners and Easterners), Grum 25%, Ogre 8%, Dwarven 7%, Orc 5%, Elven 3%, Borrellian 1%, Other 1%
Adjectival/Demonym Crossroader/Crossroaders
Official Language Rukemian
Other Common Languages Grumman, Northern, Ogrish
Nationality Independent.
National Colors Gold and green.
Year Founded 2448 CY
Currency Mixed.
Natural Resources Cattle, wheat.
Manufactured Goods and Major Exports Beef, wheat grain, baked goods, dairy products
Wealth Average
Government Type Aristocracy
Government Stability Stable
Allies The Falkir Clans.
Enemies None
Walled Yes 
Crime Level Moderate
Corruption Level Low
Technology Level Dark Ages
Primary Religion Drenmoragin
Other Religions Various
Climate Cool temperate
Terrain Grasslands, some nearby sparse forest

The Crossroads is an independent town in the grassy expanse that lies at the crossing of two great roads between the Rukemian Empire, the Falkir Clans, Duthelm and the War Vale. For centuries, the crossroads was home to a tiny hamlet... little more than an unnamed inn, a stable and a few farms. The hamlet was simply referred to as "the crossroads". The hamlet was razed in an orcish raid from Duthelm in 2391 CY during the reign of King Kalamus of Duthelm. King Kalamus declared the crossroads belonged to Duthelm and he would not tolerate an independent town there. The locals of the hamlet fled, among them the son of the innkeper, a young boy named Hamish. The hamlet was taken over by Duthelm soldiers. For years, caravans continued to trundle through the crossroads and were taxed by the Duthelm soldiers stationed there. Hamish and his family relocated to Kitar and Hamish eventually became a militia officer and spent his life fighting against Duthelm, the very nation that had robbed him of his child hood home.

In 2446 CY, King Kalamus was defeated and a new king rose to power, King Maruk. King Maruk withdrew the soldiers from the crossroads the next year. News spread of the death of King Kalamus and the abandoning of the crossroads. Hamish, now an old man, led a group back to the hamlet and began to rebuild. In 2448 CY, Hamish officialy named it Crossroads and declared it an independent town, free from all influence. They built a new inn on the foundations of the old inn. Hamish became the defacto leader of the tiny community. King Maruk was busy opening up the mines under the Citadel and had no interest in crossroads. In fact, seeing the benefit of a strong trade town to the south, he declared that Duthelm accepted the independence of the town and it became an unwritten rule in the Duthelm military that Crossroads was to be left alone. Hamish spent his final years continuing to build and expand the Crossroads. His son and grandson would go on to lead Crossroads in its early years.

The Crossroads has grown steadily over the last two and a half centuries. It is a major center for trade and has a large market place. It is also a farming community with large herds of cattle. Beef cattle, wheat fields and dairy farms dominate the area.

The city is ruled by a Lord Mayor and city council which is composed mostly of aristocratic guild leaders and business owners. The current Lord Mayor is Travik the Red, renowned for his fiery red hair, long beard and boisterous personality. The population is a mix of farmers, woodsmen, merchants and craftsmen. It is a racial melting pot and all are welcome. The majority of the people, language and culture come from the many nations that surround it. Merchants caravans, traders and travelers are constantly coming and going. Imperials citizens, grumman clan members, local farmers, War Vale traders, Duthelm soldiers and Kitaran woodsmen intermingle, trade and live together here.

It's location at the border of several larger nations has made it a hotbed of spy activity and the constant flow of goods and merchandise through the town has attracted thieves and bandits. As such, it has a thriving underworld community. To keep crime under control and to protect its interests and independence, the town maintains a standing militia of 500 soldiers that patrol the streets and the two main roads in the country. It has erected a curtain wall around the town as it has had to deal with attacks from large bandit groups and the occasional unsanctioned raid from Duthelm by overzealous units. The Crossroads has very good relations with the Falkir Clans. The Clans help patrol the roads and would also come to the aid of Crossroads in a time of great need.

As a place of rest for merchant caravans, the Crossroads has several good inns, taverns and gambling halls. It is also home to a number of butchers, bakers, cheese merchants, a bustling farmers markets and several trading posts.

In common conversation, many people refer to this town as "Crossroads", but on most maps and legal documents, it is referred to as "The Crossroads". Either is considered acceptable.

Inns and Taverns

Name and Proprietor Description
The Old Inn
Inn - This the original inn that was built by Hamish and his family on the foundations of the original inn that stood at the crossroads. As such, the foundations of this building are almost 1000 years old and it holds a special place in the history of the town. It is a small inn with only eight private rooms. The Old Inn is run by XXX, his wife, children and a few hired helpers. His wife does the cooking and the food is quite good here. The Old Inn has its own well and a hand operated pump. Because of this, it has easy access to water and offers hot baths to its clients for a few extra coins.
Hall of the Friendly Hearth
Inn - The Friendly Hearthly is the largest inn in town. It has one large common room, 18 private rooms and three suites for merchant lords, caravan leaders and other wealthy guests. The Friendly Hearth also has a six rooms sized specifically for grum.
The Hawk and Hare
Omar and Hagin
Tavern - The Hawk and Hare is a tavern that specialized in meat dishes. Roast duck, wild boar ribs, fresh hare, red deer venison and smoked sausage are all on the menu along with local cheeses, breads and ales. This tavern is run by a pair of brothers. Omar and Hagin. Omar is a big and heavyset blonde man with a loud laugh. He tends the bar, serves drinks and entertains guests with stories and jokes. Omar's wife, Adela and daughter Tresh tend tables and serve food. Omar's older brother, Hagin, is a lean and dark haired man with a quiet demeanor. Hagin prefers the solitude of nature to the boisterous crowds of the tavern and so spends most of his time hunting and bringing back fresh game for the tavern. Their uncle, Old Man
The Hoard House
Gambling Hall and Tavern - Run by a half orc. caters to the rowdier crowd. private rooms in back. prostitues. even has a couple of rooms for rent with extra large doors for ogres.
The xxx
Inn -  run by a large grum family. caters to grum mostly, but has a few human sized rooms as well.
Tavern - run by grum. loads of grum food, .


Name and Proprietor Description
Grom's Meat Market
Butcher - Atherton is a half dwarf who has traveled extensively. He has studied iron craft in Kalimura and Uthran. From all this study, Atherton has developed the skills of a master. He is often commissioned by the military to forge blades for officers. Atherton runs this smithy out of a small two story stone building with the help of two assistants.
Kranik's Fine Breads
Baker - Willy, a wiry old man, runs a large general store and trading post in the south end of town. He is an ex-miner and specializes in mining gear. He will often regale customers with helpful hints on mining the northern mountains and the best locations to mine. (It doesn't matter in the least if they are not miners or have no interest in mining).
The Creamy Curd
Cheese and Dairy Trader - The Spit and Polish is a general store which specializes in armor, weapons and tools. Mostly leather and metal goods. P'taur is a half dwarf from Urmordia. His human wife and four children help run the store.
House of Fair Trades
General Store and Trading Post - The Shattered Blade is a general store that sells everything - food, clothing, horses, blades, armor, cloaks, boots, rope, tents, miscellaneous tools, etc. Brock is a tall, thin human male with a shock of blonde hair and pale grey eyes. He has a slow, easy manner which conceals his quick mind and ability to sniff out an easy sale.


Leather Goods and Tannery - foul smell, a bit outside of town due to the smell.

The Crossroad Jewels

Brothel - xxx
Horse Ranch and Stables - keeps horses for caravans, often trades horses, caravan pick up fresh horses, they heal them up and return them to caravans, etc.
Blacksmith - repairs items
The Rolling Wheel
Wagons and Barrels - A joint venture between a wagon maker and a cooper. Repairs wagons, sells vehicles. The cooper sells and repairs barrels, boxes, crates and so forth. They also sell horse gear, rope, etc. They mainly cater to caravans.

Rumors, Gossip and Adventure Ideas

1. Duthelm has decided to reclaim the Crossroads and begin taxing caravans. It's only a matter of time before an orcish army marches down from the Citadel and puts everyone to the sword! This is a frequent rumor with many variations.

2. A new group is slowly taking over the underworld of town.

3. A caravan is coming through town loaded with imperial gold.


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