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Chelruudan is an independent city in the northern Rahjan Mountains which is home to a race of "mountain giants" known as the Jarkune. They are an offshoot of the secambru race, roughly equivalent to a seventh generation secambru giant. There are about 200 Jarkune giants living in the town of Chelruudan. The "mountain giants" as they are often called, are little more than myth to rest of the world. Few people have ventured to this remote town and met the Jarkune. The Jarkune have no formal alliances with any other race. They do not practice slavery. They do not attack others. For the most part, the Jarkune wish to be left alone to live in peace.

Chelruudan seats high in the mountains at an altitude of some 3000 meters. It is a collection of well-built, giant-sized stone and timber houses clustered on the edge of a mountain lake. The lake is magical and has healing properties, which the giants take good advantage of.

The Jarkune have advanced metal craft and stone work. They mine iron ore from the mountains, smelt it into ingots and work the metal into fine armor and weapons. Their stone and wood craft is also well developed. They hunt, eat meat, wear furs and work leather. They farm the land, fish the lake, have festivals and have developed their own unique culture. They worship no gods, but revere their forefathers like other secambru.

Magic is forbidden in this town as the Jarkune have had bad experiences with a certain shaman, one of their own, who fled into exile long ago. Because of this distrust of magic, the Jarkune have no magic at all - no spell casters and no arcane items. The only magic to be found here is the magical healing properties of the mountain lake.


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