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The Muddy Boots Inn

The Muddy Boots Inn is a tall narrow wooden building nestled in to the Broad District of the city of Zesrun. This small, quiet inn has 18 rooms for rent, a small stable around back and a small dining room that serves local food and drink.  Like most buildings in Zesrun, the Muddy Boots Inn was assembled with the aid of magic. Wood, stone, shingle and gutter were blended together with magic and craft, rather than nail and joist. The building, once solid and proud, is now more than 300 years old and ill maintained. The heavy shingled roof leaks in many places. The walls lean, the stairs creak and the entire building seems to sag with age. Dark stains color the walls and floors. The smell of mold lingers in the air.

The miserable state of the inn is mostly due to its current owner and proprietor… a lazy and uninterested man named Senger Jeng. Senger stands more than 2 meters tall, but is skeletally thin and weighs less than 70 kg. His gangly frame is topped by a mop of unkempt brown hair and a pointed beard.

The inn has been passed down through the Jeng family for generations. Senger inherited the inn from his father almost 20 years ago. Having no siblings and with the rest of the Jeng family now in the grave, the entire family fortune, including the inn, is now Senger’s.

Senger has no interest in the inn and does the least amount of work to keep it running. To completely escape responsibility, he leaves most work up to the inn’s small staff. Senger spends his time sleeping or gambling at one of the nearby gambling halls. Senger squandered his family’s fortune by indulging in lavish meals, whores, liquor and gambling. Having spent his family’s fortune, Senger now finds that he MUST keep the inn running, if only to generate enough profit to continue his lifestyle. Because of Senger’s laziness and abysmal management, most of the inn’s staff has quit. The remaining staff, a single cook, stable girl and maid, do their best to keep the inn running while Senger gambles away the profit.

Because of the condition of the inn, the limited staff, mediocre food and so on, the Muddy Boots Inn now focuses on being the most affordable inn in Corvenia. If you don’t mind the leaking roof, the rats, the food and the mold, this inn offers a lumpy bed at a very low price. A single private room costs one chip for the night.

The current staff includes a fat and grumpy half orc named Hurok who cooks meals, a heavyset redheaded human woman named Marja who cleans and greets guests and Sira, a young orphaned human girl who tends the horses.


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