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Vogue Puzzle dishes


Puzzle dishes are a tradition in Vogue that go back several centuries. Puzzle dishes are actually a set of dishes and plates that fit together. Typically this involves a large central plate for the main dish, a large bowl, two smaller plates and a cup and saucer. Each dish is brought out separately and provides one course of the meal. As each dish is brought out, it is placed in its location, fitting with the dishes that preceded it. Some intricate puzzle dishes actually lock into place.

Over the centuries, puzzle dishes have become very ceremonial and decorative. The materials, coloring and decoration have become more elaborate. Likewise, the fashion in which they fit together has become more ingenious.

Puzzle dishes are highly valued and can be quite expensive. Every fashionable family in Vogue has a set. Indeed, among certain social circles in Vogue, the quality and value of a family’s puzzle dishes can influence their social standing in the community.

There are several artistans in Vogue who specialize in creating puzzle dishes. The most famous of these are celebrities who unveil their creations to much fanfare. The most sought after puzzle dishes are created by Chule Dall. He has created many of the most fabulous and most highly valued puzzle dishes in Vogue history. Each of his creations has a specific name. Often his dishes will feature some central element or theme – a beast or a season or a color. His autumn collection of 2697 sold for more than 10,000 gold.


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