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Redstone Keep is the central stronghold and headquarters of Ormek's powerful military, where most of the power of the police state is concentrated. This massive fortress is three stories tall and built of the same reddish sandstone that most Stovikaran buildings are made. The main walls form a rectangle around a huge central courtyard whose only feature is a covered well. The central courtyard is used for all manner of training exercises and military ceremonies. Redstone Keep has its own stables, grainary and a prison in the lower levels which houses several hundred prisoners.

Tyldon Ginol is the brilliant secretary general of both ground and naval forces. His keeping track of so many records and resources makes his the most enormously high pressured job in the city. The corruption here goes beyond the normal standards. Tyldon is secretly very bitter about the government he works for, and is continuously frustrated by the gridlock and red tape he must deal with on a daily basis. He's so overworked and underpaid that he takes every chance he can to make up the difference. He's in league with the city's largest and most powerful thieves' guild, The Velveted Blade. By supplying them with crucial inside information, the secretary general been able to attain considerable wealth, along with the other...fringe benefits one might associate with being a favored partner of such a powerful crime organization. In fact, there's even a secret tunnel which leads from one of the Blade hideouts to his office. Tyldon has been able to get away with this because of the incompetance of the Ormek bureaucracy and his own expertise at manipulating the books. Thanks to him, the nation of Ormek will unwittingly remain partners with its most dangerous thieves' guild for a very long time.

Redstone Keep - Main Courtyard

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