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The Sea Guild of Ormek


Type of Organization

Economic Guild

Type of Members

Fishermen, Sailors, Ship Captains, Dockhands, Ship Builders, Common Laborers
Number of Members 5,000+
Demographics Human 80%, Grum 11%, Ogre 4%, Saurian 2%, Elven, 1%, Dwarven 1%, Other 1%

Primary Location(s)



Sea Master Barrik Karn
Year Founded 1745 CY
Symbol None.
Group Wealth Wealthy
Group Stability Stable


The Sea Guild is the wealthiest and most powerful guilds in Stovikar. There are hundreds of fishing boats and thousands of fishermen in Stovikar and all of them are members of the guild. Fishing is the backbone of the Stovikar economy and one of the foundations upon which Ormek is built. Anyone wishing to operate a fishing boat or fishing operation in Ormekian waters must obtain a license from the sea guild and pay an annual fee to maintain it. Licenses vary from 1 gold piece to 50 gold pieces per year depending on the nature of the license and what it encompasses.


The Sea Guild is woven into the tapestry of Stovikar culture. Almost everyone works for the guild or knows someone who does. The guild also has business ties to ship builders, seaside taverns, nautical equipment storehouses and so forth. When visiting the city of Stovikar, it's likely that, one way or another, a visit will interact with the sea guild at some point. The Sea Guild maintains offices in several locations throughout the city, as well as in Kragenmyr Castle.


The Guildmaster

The sea guild is overseen by a human man named Barrik Karn, who has given himself the title of "Sea Master". A former ship captain (and some say pirate), Master Karn now oversees the guild. Almost everyone in the city derives their living from the sea, either directly or indirectly, or at least so says Master Karn. He is an old man with a fringe of white hair around a bald head and a clean shaven face. Master Karn is well liked and well respected and has a grandfatherly relationship with many in the guild and the city.

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