The World Of Khoras - Civilization - Cities

Ruler Lady Vankryss
Population 92,000
Demographics Human (Southern) 75%, Grum 12%, Sea Gypsies 4%, Elves 3%, Dwarves 2%, Human (Northerners) 2%, Human (Bathyns) 1%, Other 1%
Adjectival/Demonym Penkethian/Penkethians
Languages Southern 72%, Drakkellin 18%, Grumman 5%, Juema 3%, Other 2%
Nationality The Drakkellian Alliance
National Colors Grey, blue and white
Year Founded 912 CY
Currency Drakkellian
Natural Resources Forests, maritime fauna and flora, salt, granite, copper, sheep
Manufactured Goods and Exports Ships, boats, salt, fish, seafood, caviar, lumber, salted mutton, copper ingots
Wealth Average
Government Type Oligarchy
Government Stability Stable
Allies Kalimura, Cyrell
Enemies Coalition
Walled No
Crime Level Above Average
Technology Level Middle Ages
Primary Religion Drenmoragin
Other Religion

Daramis, Semorjon, Kael, Sarreth, Imarus

Climate Semi-tropical
Terrain Coastal plains, hills, forest


Penketh is one of the five major cities and the naval center of the Drakkellian Alliance. It is the western most city of the alliance and is considered by many to be the “gateway to the west”. Penketh is a port city, a major fishing, whaling and ship building center and a major salt production center. Most of the Alliance naval fleet is stationed here and charged with fighting piracy along the trade routes through the Sea of Chaos and beyond. Penketh is a major trade partner with the nation of Kalimura. In addition to fighting piracy, Penketh is charged with guarding the western border of Alliance territory from Bathyn raids.


Because of the natural salt ponds located along the shore at this location, there has been a settlement here stretching back as far as the First Age, when this region was controlled by the Kingdom of Gekron. The origin of the name Penketh is long lost to history. Penketh survived the Four Kingdoms War and the Holy Wars the followed. Centuries later, it was annexed as part of the Traxx Legion. At the time, it was little more than a sleepy fishing town notable only for it’s natural salt ponds. It was the chief supplier for quality salt to much of the Traxxian Legion and this helped it grow. Like the rest of the world, Penketh was caught ill prepared when the star was sundered. The subsequent World Storm flooded and destroyed most of Penketh, but the Penkethians rebuilt. In the years that followed, Penketh survived the Great War largely because it was so deep in Traxxian territory. Centuries later, after the Traxxian civil war, Penketh became an independent town that took advantage of its natural resources as a modest, but consistent source of wealth. With the founding of Kalimura, caravans passed through with greater frequency and the town of Penketh grew from the 16th century onward. By 2000 CY, Penketh was a major town collecting taxes from more than 40 villages around it. Penketh was the last city to join the Drakkellian Alliance. It officially was annexed by the Alliance in the year 2380 CY.


Lady Vankryss claims the title of “Dame Mayor” and is currently the only ruling female city mayor of a major Alliance city. Her husband, the former Lord Mayor of Penketh, died in a drunken sword duel some seven years ago. Amidst a political scuffle, Lady Vankryss came out on top with the High Council under her firm control.

Like the other cities of the Drakkellian Alliance, the city of Penketh is ruled by a city mayor whose power is balanced by a high council. The high council can overrule the mayor with a two thirds majority vote.

The High Council mostly consists of the leaders of various guilds that contribute to the local economy. The guilds have a huge influence on both city politics and the local economy.


As with other alliance cities, the legal system is controlled by a network of courts and magistrates. These magistrates are overseen by a government appointed High Magistrate. Crimes are typically punished with fines and imprisonment in the local city jail. As Penketh has a fairly high crime rate, the local city jail is often crowded. On occasion, prisoners are transferred to the cells beneath the city guard garrison or released early. Serious crimes are punished by execution, usually by hanging. The most heinous crimes (the murder of a high council member, for instance or treason against the city) warrants “death by the sea” wherein the convicted is chained to a rock at low tide and left to drown at high tide.

Formal duels are outlawed in the city of Penketh by order of Lady Vankryss. This comes from the fact that her husband, Lord Vankryss, the former mayor of the city, died in a drunken and pointless duel. While formal duels are outlawed, spontaneous drunken tavern brawls are quite common.


The military of Penketh is divided into three separate branches.

The Land Guard consists of 1,500 mounted warriors that patrol the western border and maintain a series of small forts along major trade roads. The primary responsibility of the Land Guard is to protect Penketh and the rest of the Alliance from Bathyn raiding parties.

The Sea Guard consists of a twenty eight tall ships,1800 sailors and 500 full time soldiers. These ships hunt down and board pirate ships. Stolen goods are seized for the Alliance and pirates are brought back to land to be tried and executed. The Sea Guard is the pride of the city and enjoys the largest share of city revenue.

The City Guard consists of a force of four hundred foot soldiers that guard the city gates, patrol the streets and generally deal with crime around the city. The City Guard is the least funded of the three branches. The city guards are ill equipped, poorly trained and over worked. Most are little more than drunken thugs and mercenaries. There is a great deal of bribery and corruption surrounding the city guard. Those with money to pay can avoid arrest or even have their enemies imprisoned.


As a member of the Drakkellian Alliance, the official religion and patron god of the city is Drenmoragin. However, as this is a bustling and rowdy seaport, the temples of the sea god Semorjon see more activity. Daramis and Farzak are also widely worshiped here. Shrines to all the Elder Gods can be found somewhere in the city.


The bulk of the economy in Penketh rests on four trades – fishing, whaling, ship building and salt production. These four industries provide the majority of income for the city. Penketh is known for the quality of its ships. Most ships are built on commission for the Alliance and other groups as can pay. Penketh is also known for a variety of high quality salts which are produced here and exported to most nearby nations. Wood is imported from Ithell and other cities in the Alliance. Fishing and whaling are also profitable trades here and Penketh has a large fishing and whaling fleet. The Alliance leans heavily on Penketh to curb piracy in the Sea of Chaos and protect the western border. Pirate hunting and mercenary work attracts soldiers and fighters from all over. Caravans pass through regularly coming from and going to Ithell, Drakkel and Orrojek.

The Fish Market

By late afternoon, this large open square plaza is filled with wooden carts and tables. The sounds of local fishermen calling out their daily catch and prices mingle with the squawks of hungry seagulls. A bewildering assortment of fresh fish, shrimp, razor eels, hammerfish, lobsters and crabs are available here. Huge crowds gather every afternoon. A few local farmers also come here to sell fresh bread, meat, fruit and spices. This is more than just a market. Most citizens consider this the cultural and social center of the city.

Guilds and Organizations

House Tenney

House Tenney is the wealthiest of all the Drakkellian guilds because of the sheer scale of its product. This guild produces sea going vessels - specializing in full sized galleys. Although House Tenney is headquartered in the city of Drakkel, they have a major presence in Penketh and are the largest guild in Penketh by far. The Penketh division is Tenney's primary ship building branch. House Tenney banners and uniforms are a common sight in Penketh.

House Gristof

The ancient and wealthy guild of House Gristof holds an iron tight hold on the salt production industry here. The natural salt ponds that lie at the northwest end of the harbor have been owned by House Gristof going back for centuries. Over the last four hundred years, the ground has been levels and several artificial ponds have been added. These colorful “fields” beside the harbor as a significant and well known part of Penketh culture and tradition. The Gristof family is among the wealthiest of the Penketh nobility.

House Rothdan

House Rothdan is the whaling guild of Penketh. They operate a small fleet of huge ships built for hunting, hauling and processing whales. Smaller whales are processed right on the deck of the ship while larger whales are hauled back to port. Whales are hunted for their oil and/or their flesh, depending on the type of whale.


The Mariners’ Guild Hall
This ancient four story wood building stands next to the sea docks. It stands at the very edge of the water on six massive stone pylons that go into the waves and is connected to the mainland by a short, broad wooden bridge. This guild serves to unite merchants and travelers with shipmasters and crews. Most sailors in Penketh are members and those who aren’t find themselves generally distrusted by the locals. The guildmaster, an ex ship captain named Droegun, loves to tell stories of his days when he was the captain of the Eel's Wake fighting pirates and sea monsters. He has four assistants who were all members of his crew. Guildmaster Droegun keeps records of every ship, captain and sailor in the city. With regards to cargos, shipwrecks, lost treasures, naval history and disputes between ship captains, he is a wealth of knowledge.


Important People of Penketh

Lady Vankryss

Lady Vankryss is a confident and accomplished woman. She is tough, but at the same time, diplomatic and charismatic when necessary. Her voice is husky and she speaks with authority. She has a thick mane of chestnut hair which she wears in a single braid down her back and often dresses in greys and greens. She curses often and is known to have a temper. She realizes she must work hard to maintain her position of power in a male dominated world. Her husband, Lord Vankryss, died in a drunken duel. She has since banned duels from the city. He first daughter, Nadia, died from an illness when she was six. Her second daughter, Sarilia, is now eight years old. Lady Vankryss is extremely protective of her daughter.

Master Sillian Maeder

Sillian Maeder is the Drakkellian Alliance representative from Drakkell. He also serves as the Marshal of the Treasury. A small cadre of money changers, tax officers and bankers answer to him. He serves as the right hand man to Lady Vankryss on the High Council and frequently makes trips to report back to Drakkell. Master Maeder comes from a wealthy and powerful noble family in Drakkel and is insufferably arrogant about his rank and position. He enjoys expensive wines, exotic foods and beautiful women. He has a large stone house near the central goverment building where he stays when he is in town. Sillian Maeder was one of the officials who tried, and failed, to rest control away from Lady Vankryss when her husband died. Despite his claims of allegiance to Lady Vankryss and the good of the city, many believe that he is only bidding his time until he can again try to take control of the city. Master Maeder dislikes Amath Igari.

Marshal Pran Dellard

Marshal Pran Dellard is the current leader of the Sea Guard and a member of the high council. He commands the fleet of Penkethian military vessels. He is a tall lean man, bald and clean shaven, with steel grey eyes and a deep voice. He rose through the ranks of the Penketh navy, starting as a cabin boy fifty years ago on the Drakkellian ship Firehawk. He is strong willed individual who has weathered sinkings, storms, battles and betrayal and has the scars to show for it. Ship crews jump to obey his commands. He rarely needs to raise his voice. Despite his advanced years, Marshal Dellard is in excellent physical shape and can best men in combat half his age. He despises piracy in all forms. He is brutal in his pursuit and punishment of pirates, smugglers and others of that ilk. He, likewise, will tolerate no criminal activity within the Sea Guard. He expects all of his officers and crews to maintain strict ethics. Marshal Dellard is aware of the corruption and malfeasance in the City Guard. He looks down upon Marshal Goedazar and does what he can to thwart the latters operations.

Marshal Tyros Goedazar

Marshal Tyros Goedazar is the leader of the City Guard and a member of the high council member. His once powerful frame is gone and he now has a sagging belly and bad knee. His long hair hangs loose and unkempty. He is overly fond of food and ale and is usually drunk. Several of the officers and soldiers in the City Guard participate in various protection rackets and extortion schemes with the full approval of Goedazar. It is rumored that Goedazar even works with certain criminal gangs and smugglers. Goedazar has grown fat and wealthy from the profits from all of these illegal plots and side ventures. He is aware that Marshal Dellard and the Sea Guard do what they can to thwart some of his enterprises. The two marshals dislike each other intensely.

Marshal Bulwar Sidaren

Marshal Bulwar Sidaren is the leader of the Land Guard and a high council member. He is a tall and well built man with long blonde hair and sun bronzed skin. He is an expert horseman, archer and warrior. A veteran of many battles, Marshal Sidaren is well liked by his men. He dislikes being in the city and vastly prefers to be riding his horse on the open grasslands and rolling hills. He usually stays at one of the small keeps along the trade roads. He enjoys going hunting with his men as well. Marshal Sidaren is rarely in Penketh to attend council meetings and often has a lieutenant sit in on council meetings for him as proxy.

Master Quilif Votaren

Master Quilif Votaren is the guild officer in charge of the local Penketh branch of House Tenney, the ship building guild. He is a thin and wiry old man with curly grey hair and a moustache. He also wears a pair of Kalimuran made wire rim spectacles. Without them, he is very near sighted. Spectacles outside of Kalimura are very rare and he is quite proud of them. They are his prize possession. Master Quilif (as he insists everyone calls him by his first name) is obsessed with orderliness, organization and timeliness. Maintaining the build schedule of the ships is of paramount importance to him. He is a skilled carpenter and will often work side by side with his men.

Master Vaziri Gristof

Guild Leader for House Gristof. Salt production guild. High council member.

Master Dolfari Rothdan

Guild leader for House Rothdan. Whaling guild. High council member.

Amath Igari

Amath Igari is the unofficial leader of the local fishing fleet. He is an old man with a wild grey hair and a neatly trimmed goatee. He has a soft raspy voice. Amath Igari was born at sea and grew up moving from port to port. He is a charismatic figure. His folksy, disarming charm hides a brilliant intellect and a true talent for public speaking. He has a quick wit and an anecdote for every possible occasion. He is well liked and widely respected by every fisherman, dock worker, ship captain, sailor, sea gypsy, prostitute and street urchin in the city. He is a commoner who was born to a poor family of sea gypsies. Though he has little money, he usually eats free in dock side taverns and has a dozen invitations for places to sleep each night. Despite not having a title or noble blood, he has never-the-less been granted a seat on the high council. Lady Vankryss and the other council members realize that his enormous sway among the common folk of the city makes him a powerful figure and useful ally. He claims to have no political ambitions whatsoever, but often states that he is honored to be able to represent the interests of the poor. At council meetings, Master Maeder will often make some snide remark toward Amath, but it is Amath who usually bests him with a witty comeback, much to the amusement of the other council members. Amath Igari, having been raised by sea gypsies, is fluent in juema and speaks with a jueman accent. Because of his background, he has helped smooth relations between mariners and sea gypsies in the city and consequently the juema have found Penketh to be more tolerant of them than in other coastal cities.


Morkellaryn is the most talented and powerful wizard in the city of Penketh, by far. He is a member of the high council and serves as an advisor on all magical matters. Morkellaryn specializes in what he calls "sea magic". He lives in a stone tower that is perched on a tiny rocky island just a few hundred feet off the coast, less than a quarter mile from the harbor entrance. Morkellaryn runs a small wizard's guild out of his tower for the few wizards in town. Several members of this small guild have apprentices and they share the responsibility of training the apprentices in the art of magic. However, the group is not large or organized enough to be called a proper magic school. Currently, there are only six full time members and eight apprentices. Morkellaryn and members of his guild often travel to and from his tower on a small boat which is propelled through the water by schools of temporarily charmed fish.

Sallakosh the Broken

Sallakosh, sometimes known as Sallakosh the Broken or The Arm Chair Thief, is the de facto leader of the Brigade of the Broken. He is a well known and well respected figure in the underworld. He has many servants and bodyguards who tend to him. Thanks to the ranks of the Brigade of the Broken, he usually knows what is going on in the city of Penketh. Once a great thief, Sallakosh is now paralyzed from the chest down and spends all his time in a large wooden throne with arm rests. When needed, his men use to long wooden poles to move him and his chair around like a litter. He became paralyzed on a burglary job when he was betrayed by a fellow burglar who allowed him to spring a nasty trap which severed his spine. Through charisma and deviousness, he has become a respected member, and then leader, of the Brigade. He is an excellent source of information. He has a talent for playing one group against another in the city, manipulating events while keeping to the shadows. Sallakosh is an old and thin man, with wild grey hair and piercing eyes.


The citizens of Penketh have a reputation for being hard working, hard fighting ruffians. The city has a reputation of being a poor, back country frontier town that stinks of fish and rot. These descriptions are not undeserved. The harbor does stink of fish. The whaling industry in the harbor district renders whale blubber down to oil which gives off a mighty stench. Furthermore, the street lamps burn whale oil, which has a strong fishy odor. Visitors to Penketh often remark on the smell which can change dramatically with nothing more than a shift in the wind.

A common dish of Penketh is brazzak that consists of fried strips of razor eel, a local marine nuisance that inhabits the harbor in great numbers.  

Another common culinary delight here is Penketh caviar, the salt cured roe of the hammerfish, a species of large predatory fish abundant in the region. Penketh caviar is valued for its soft texture, brilliant golden color and large eggs.

Penketh has an annual celebration called the Saltfest. This is a city wide festival that celebrates all the bounties of the sea. It includes drinking, dancing, cooking contests, a parade of ships, sailing races, open air banquets and a tug of war between oared boats. It is held at the peak of summer, usually the second week of Landthrive.

City Districts

Penketh does not have clearly defined city districts. The entire city is wrapped around its harbor. Although salt production is generally conducted at the west end by the salt ponds and whale rendering is generally done at the east end, most industries are intermingled throughout the city.

Monuments and Public Spaces

The Pirate's Lament

The Pirate's Lament is a large sculpture which sits in the center of a large plaza right at the harbor's edge overlooking the water. It is a massive construction, some 10 meters tall. It is built out of pieces of captured pirate ships. Wooden planks, rope rigging, pirate flags, bowsprits, figureheads and even the bones of deceased pirates have all been worked into it. The Sea Guard adds to this macabre display every year.

Architecture and Infrastructure

The Harbor

Penketh has a large and deep harbor which can accommodate even the biggest ships. A huge stone lighthouse, known as the Eye of Penketh, sits on the north side of the harbor entrance. The harbor is the bustling heart of the city. massive piers extend out from huge wooden platforms on shore. The docks are occupied by dozens of fishing boats, merchant cargo ships, sea gypsy barges and even one or two nobles' yachts.

The Ship Yards

The drydocks and repair facilities are often deserted for days at a time until a ship is brought in, at which time their will be craftsmen and guards day and night. Next door are huge covered construction yards where new ships are built.

Walls and Roads

Most roads and plazas in Penketh are paved in cobblestone or tile. The city is unwalled.

The Sewers

Penketh has a network of sewers beneath the city. Many buildings have toilets and garbage chutes that connect to a sewer channel. The sewer system is a very flat network of tunnels right at sea level. Every high tide, the sewers flood and are flushed out.

Street Lights

Most of the major streets in Penketh are illuminated at night with large iron lamps that burn whale oil. The strong fishy odor of the burning oil in these street lamps contributes to the "aroma of Penketh".

The Salt Ponds

At the edge of the harbor are a series of natural salt ponds. Over the centuries, they have been modified and expanded. They are owned and operated by House Gristof, the salt production guild. These brightly colored, mostly square, shallow pools of water line the northwest shore of the harbor. A number of salt warehouses flank them. Guild employed guards patrol narrow paths between the ponds.


Crime is a major problem in Penketh. Piracy, fencing of stolen goods, smuggling, drug use, extortion, protection rackets, common thievery and so forth are all common here. This is exacerbated by several corrupt officers in the city guard, the lack of strong governmental oversight and a large poverty stricken lower class.

There are several competing criminal gangs that operate in the shadows of Penketh.

First, the Sons of Thunder is a well organized group that includes a broad collection of thieves, burglars, thugs and bandits in its ranks. They have multiple hidden lairs in the city. In addition to burglary, theft and banditry, the group specializes in capturing and smuggling Kalimuran technology. It is rumored that this group is led by a wealthy individual.

The Sea Blades are a criminal guild that have connections to several pirate ships in the Sea of Chaos. They specialize in smuggling pirate loot inland to sell in other cities and towns.

The Brigade of the Broken are a loosely organized network of thiefs, street urchins, beggars, sea gypsies, exiles and prostitutes. It claims several hundred members who live on the streets. They share resources, information and will common to each other's aid.

Inns and Taverns

Name and Proprietor Description
The Rusty Scimitar
Tavern - This unusual tavern is built from the remains of a large ship which partially sank while moored at dock. The whole ship is now vertical with its aft pointing straight up into the sky. Through a combination of relentless construction, heavy modification and impressive carpentry skill, the interior of the vessel has been retrofitted into a building. Floors and walls were re-arranged inside. Whole sections, balconies, windows and roofing were added. The dock was expanded and now completely encircles the structure. The submerged portion of the ship was reinforced with iron and stone. The submerged wood rotted away long ago. The original ship was named the Scimitar and it was commanded by Captain Jomas. He now serves as proprietor. Several of his crew stayed and now tend bar. Those who work here also live here. They are all rather tight lipped about what caused the ship to sink, why they chose to stay or how they got the money to modify the vessel into its present form. The food is poor and the ale is substandard swill, but the prices are cheap. There are no rooms for rent. This place has a bad reputation as a dangerous haven for thieves and smugglers.
The Whale's Eye
Brewery/Tavern - This large establishment brews a fine ale in huge copper tanks right in the main drinking area. The house ale is a dark ruby drink called Whale's Blood. It is one of the most popular drinks in the city and it's recipe is a closely guarded secret. Regulars enjoy trying to guess what goes into it. The original owner, a retired whaler, died long ago. The tavern has changed hands several times over the years. The current proprietor is Krayger, known to many as Krayger the Blackheart, for his ornery disposition. Luckily, the bartender, barmaids and brewers are all friendlier.
The Three Drowned Sailors
Tavern - Three former ship mates run this popular establishment with their families and some hired help. The name comes from their last voyage in which their ship was sunk by a pirate attack. In the battle, both ships, hopelessly entangled, went down. All three men drowned in a flooding compartment, but were subsequently revived by a Semorjon priest. They were the only three survivors from both vessels and ended up escaping from the adventure with their lives and a bit of the pirate loot. The clientele here is mostly fishermen, sailors, shipwrights and other sea folk. The food is excellent and the crab chowder here has won awards at the Saltfest. Priests of any deity get food and drinks here at one quarter off the price. Semorjon priests eat and drink for free. Everyone who works and lives on the sea is welcome here. Even sea gypsies are well treated here.
The Shipwreck Tavern
Tavern/Inn - This establishment, located right on the sea docks,  is popular with travelers and sailors who arrive at the docks from other lands. Because of the nature of its patrons, it is also a hot spot for gamblers, adventurers and those who wish to hire adventurers. The clientele is a colorful and rowdy crowd who, for the price of a drink or two, will regale the patron with sea shanties, tales of the deep sea and a stories of strange lands. As would be expected, fish tales are highly exaggerated and most stories mix fact and rumor. The regulars are loud and boastful and occasionally a brawl does break out in the common room.  The Shipwreck Tavern has eight rooms that it rents on the upper floor. The owner and barkeep is Marhaegan, an ex-mariner (some say pirate) who lost a leg in a sea battle. He runs the place with his wife, six children and three former shipmates (whom the children call “uncle”).
The Blowhole Tavern
Tavern - This rowdy tavern sits inland a bit in one of the seedier parts of town. The clientele tends to be a rough lot - mostly criminals, thugs and mercenaries. It welcomes saurians, sea gypsies, orcs, ogres and other undesirables that might not find a welcome in other taverns. This large tavern has a central pit in which various fights occur surrounded by betting. The fights vary in nature. Sometimes it's a simple no-rules fist fight. Other times, there will be two burrowhounds engaged in a fight to the death. The betting surrounding these fights is intense. The proprietor of this tavern is Urdok, a dwargrum with numerous battle scars. He has a goblin's hand attached to his arm in place of his real hand. It functions normally. The rumors in the tavern say that Urdok originally lost his hand in a fight with a goblin. It took him six months, but he managed to track down that goblin and sever his hand in return. They say he paid a wizard to magically graft the goblin's hand to his stump. A far fetched story, some would say, but then again, the goblin hand is there for all to see. The truth is actually far worse and known to few. The way this magic spell works... the goblin hand only functions as long as the goblin is alive. Urdok has the miserable creature living in a cage in the basement of the tavern. He plans to keep it alive and caged for many years to come. The authorities generally don't like what goes on here, but turn a blind eye. Urdok makes sure that the right people get bribed to leave his tavern alone.



Name and Proprietor Description
Sethwar's Trade Hall
Trading Post and General Store - The Trade Hall, as the local’s call it, is an enormous and cluttered shop. Sethwar, the talkative and charismatic owner, buys and sells just about anything. Sethwar is a young and handsome man with a clear bright voice and a tendency to break into song and strum on a lute. His a fondness for fine clothing, which is often almost as colorful as his personality. He is an educated man with a broad vocabulary and enjoys weaving obscure words into poetic phrases. He has a shrewd business sense and a real talent for sizing up the value of a thing. He is knowledgeable in a wide range of topics and isn’t shy about discussing them. He is an expert barterer, a skilled jeweler and a relentless con artist. He has thousand tricks for making a sale and getting the customer to make a deal that favors him. Bending the rules and the truth are both acceptable tactics for him if it makes the sale. Despite his cleverness, he is somewhat susceptible to flattery. The shop itself has just about anything you can imagine - tents, blankets, satchels, barrels, weapons, armor, saddles and bridles, pots, pans, cutlery, quills, inks, parchment, maps, scrolls, books, bolts of silk, rare herbs, artwork and even a few curious items from Kalimura. Sethwar does not deal in magic items and has a great fear of magic. He will allow no magic into his shop. Wizards and others capable of casting spells are also not welcome here. He will politely ask any spellcaster to leave. Sethwar’s fear of magic comes from a traumatic childhood experience that he will happily relate. It’s a story he has told a thousand times. To ensure his “no magic” policy, he wears a large methkari pendant on a leather cord around his neck that will glow and hum in the presence of magic. Sethwar has numerous contacts with various criminal gangs in town. He’s known as a good place to fence a stolen item. Sethwar, due to his business and talkative nature, also tends to know a lot about what’s going on around town. For the right price, he’ll share what he knows.
The House of Iron
Blacksmith - Raynar is a respected blacksmith who fashions the usual metal goods – door hinges, locks, keys, nails, horse shoes, fish hooks, bracers, bands, knifes, simple tools, chains and so forth. He will make the odd blade or two as well. His work is good and his prices are reasonable. Raynar is assisted by his wife, his daughter and one apprentice. Raynar is an older man with a grey beard and short grey hair. His tan skin has numerous scars and burns. Unknown to most, Raynar is a bathynian who came to town decades ago. He cropped his hair short and keeps his bathyn tattoes covered by leather bracers and long sleeve shirts. When bathyn warbands come raiding the western villages and the call for militiamen goes out, Raynar is the first to strap on his helmet and armor and ride out to do battle with his former brethren. On the rare occasions when bathyns come to town to trade, Raynar stays out of sight. He doesn’t like to talk about his past, but it’s clear he’s hiding from someone.
The Well Worn Boot
Hoggam and Vayth
Cobbler - The Well Worn Boot is a small shop run by Hoggam and Vayth, two old men who have been best friends for more than 50 years. Vayth is a tall and lean man with a thick mane of grey hair. Hoggam is a short and round fellow with a completely bald head. They are constantly talking, discussing and debating whatever subject comes to mind. The two of them are inseparable. Vayth is somewhat cantankerous, while Hoggam tends to be more friendly with customers. Vayth fashioned new shoes and boots for wealthier clientele. Hoggam specializes in repairing old shoes and making more affordable footwear for the common folk. Between the two of them, they have sold shoes to more than half the city.
Halgrimor's Armory
Armor Smith - This shop sells a wide variety of armor - from leather to plate. It is run by a half dwarf named Halgrimor. He has five armor smiths working under him that each specialize in a different type of armor and a sixth who specializes solely in shields. The armor here is high quality and the prices are 10-20% above normal. He has little respect for women or strong dislike of elves. There is an ongoing feud between Halgrimor and Jaldeya (see below). He often boasts that his armor would never yield before one of Jaldeya’s “fancy blades”. Halgrimor himself wears an elaborate and ornate steel chestplate and fights with an enormous war hammer. Halgrimor has a legendary iron gut. He can drink anyone under the table and eat just about anything. Unknown to anyone, perhaps even to himself, Halgrimor is in love with Jaldeya. He becomes infuriated by her suitors. Anyone who is clearly courting her will receive the full brunt of his anger. He once physically threw a young human bard out of his shop when the bard boasted of his amorous intentions with the elf.
The Shimmering Sabre
Sword Smith - The Shimmering Sabre has some of the best blades in the city. Jaldeya is a full blooded elf, originally from Cyrell. She came to Penketh years ago, determined to showcase elven mastery of blade smithing. There are those who will not purchase a blade made by a woman or an elf. Because of this, she must work twice as hard and make blades of the finest quality. The quality of her work is exceptional and her prices are reasonable. She puts in long hours at the forge and has the muscles and scars to prove it. She always has her long blonde hair tied back into a ponytail and wears a cloth headband to keep the sweat out of her eyes. Despite the scars, soot, sweat and utilitarian clothing, she is quite attractive and has several suitors. She has an ongoing feud with Halgrimor. In addition to her swords, she works and trades with other weapon makers and sells a few maces, axes and polearms as well. She sells no war hammers though... perhaps because Halgrimor uses one. Despite their apparent dislike for each other, Jaldeya has recently begun to suspect Halgrimor’s true feelings.
The Seacutter Shack
Nautical Equipment Store - This large wooden shack sits near the docks. It is run by a bare-footed, long haired young man named Korbel who can usually be found out front sitting in the sunshine, mending a fishing net. The store sells all manner of nautical gear - bait and tackle, fishing rods, nets, harpoons, pitch and tar, bolts of canvas, oars and so forth. Korbel also hand crafts a type of slender rowboat that he calls a “seacutter”. Several are tied to the nearest dock. Korbel is an absolute pacifist and dislikes bartering. He sets a fair price and sticks to it. He often speaks philosophically and enjoys deep discussions with whoever happens to wander into his store.
Almar's Steeds
Groom - Almar trains and sells horses. His brother, Frannik, trains and sells guard dogs. The place also sells wagons, carts, saddles, bits, bridles, barding and so forth.

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