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Sorganya's Herbals and Aromatics

This small dank shop sells a wide range of plants, flowers and a wide variety of plant derived goods. Everything from soap and perfume to poultices, liniments, salves and so forth. The shop is run by Sorganya and Brethel, a pair of aging half orc sisters. Both have tangled grey hair, small tusks and a greenish cast to their wrinkled skin.

Sorganya, the older of the two, is the herbalist and spends most of her time huddled over a black cauldron. Many of these healing concoctions she has created herself. Sorganya is short, overweight, near sighted and has a bad limp. However, there is no one better in the city at herbalism. Sorganya is also quite adept at alchemy and brews a variety of enchanted potions as well.

Brethel is the taller, leaner and more athletic of the two. She’s a very good fighter and skilled with blades, bows and the quarterstaff. She ventures into the bog regularly to gather roots, herbs, plants, flowers and other materials for her sister to use. She also hunts and brings back game. She is very comfortable in the wilds and will sometimes be gone for days.

The shop is small, cluttered and flooded with a heady mix of floral, herbal and savory smells. A palpable mist hangs in the air. A number of small animals in cages hang from the ceiling. Sorganya uses them for a variety of purposes. She tests some things on them. Others provide her with specific ingredients. The chirping and chittering of these animals adds to the general cacophony of the shop.

Sorganya is clever, cunning and quite well versed in social skills. She deals with customers and handles the haggling. She is good at reading people and manipulating them as well. Brethel generally dislikes people and prefers the solitude of the wilds. The two sisters will often bicker in front of customers and are known for their colorfully descriptive curses. Despite this sisterly drama, Brethel is very protective of Sorganya and will tolerate no disrespect toward her. There is a story of a minor lordling who came in for a love potion. A disagreement over price ended up with the young man spitting in Sorganya’s face. Bethel broke the young man’s nose and threw him into the muddy street. The two sisters are used to a certain amount of prejudice because of their orcish ancestry. Sorganya has been called a “witch” and the “queen of thieves”. It is true that the sisters have good relations with various criminal gangs in Grimstone. This is because, in addition to healing potions, Sorganya also makes sleeping potions, sickness potions, poisons and so forth. All are available for the right price.


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