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Home of the Lost Dog Tavern

This establishment is a combination inn and tavern. It serves food and drink, but also has many rooms for rent on the upper floors. The ground level floor is built around a large central dining area. The structure is a well built three story building of stone and timber with steeply sloped slate roof.

Originally named Rasko’s, after the owner, this is the largest and most popular tavern in the whole city of Grimstone. It has a large common drinking room where card games and other gambling are quite popular.

On the day it opened, Rasko’s wife gave him a newborn pup to celebrate. Rasko named the puppy Loki. It was a black, brown and tan mixed breed. Loki became a favorite attraction for guests at the tavern and was as popular and charismatic as his master, Rasko. Rasko tended bar while his wife cooked and three children served.

Over the course of five years, the tavern rose in popularity and expanded. It expanded the kitchen, offering a large selection of foods and built a second and third level, opening up rooms for rent. Rasko has done quite well financially and hired additional staff. In addition to his family, the full staff now includes a barkeeper, a brewer, three serving wenches, a house maid and a stable boy.

After five years of operation, tragedy struck. One stormy night, Loki the dog vanished. It was not until the next evening that Rasko and regular patrons knew something was terribly wrong. Rasko put up a 100 gold piece reward. With the help of the Grimstone Guard, a massive search of the city and surrounding area was conducted. The search stretched from days to weeks. The bar even shut down for a week while all of the staff helped search. Patrons of the bar added money to the reward and it eventually reached 1,250 gold pieces.

After five weeks with no sign of the dog, the Grimstone Guard officially called off the search. Grieving and inconsolable, Rasko renamed his establishment the Lost Dog Tavern in honor of his furry friend. He also publicly declared that he would give the deed to his tavern and his entire fortune for the safe return of his dog. This proclamation created a sensation and dozens of mercenaries and woodsmen continued the search into the bog.

It has now been almost seven years since Loki went missing. In all that time, no one has ever seen a trace of Loki. Many, including Rasko, now believe that Loki is probably dead. Rasko often says that his only wish is to know what became of his pet. He has stated, on several occasions, that any person who can give him information and evidence as to what befell his beloved pet will eat and drink and sleep free at his establishment for the rest of their life. Many have concocted stories to try to win Rasko’s favor, but no one has been able to provide any evidence.

Over the years a number of traditions have developed around Loki. Once each year, on the anniversary of the day Loki went missing, the bar holds a massive feast. Rasko unveils a banquet fit for kings and everyone eats and drinks for free. Many of the food and games are dog themed. People from around the city will bring food, drinks, gifts and so forth. Many people also bring their dogs. Songs are sung to Loki, prayers are offered up to the gods, valuables are sacrificed for the safe return of the dog and so forth. This yearly celebration has grown so large that the Grimstone Guard provides security for the tavern during this night. Several officials from the city, including the Lord Mayor himself, have come to this yearly event.

The fate of Loki the dog remains one of the great mysteries of this city.


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