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The Harbor Staff of Freeport


The Harbor Staff is an elaborate and decorative seven foot tall wooden rod. It is fashioned from darkly stained iron wood, adorned with jewels and crowned with a silver and adamantite hook. The history of this staff is as old as the city. When Freeport was just a small town, the harbor master would use a hooked pole to grab wayward longboats, haul cargos and pull in nets. It was a versatile tool used every day. Through the years every Harbor Master has carried a similar hooked staff. There have been many harbor staves over the centuries. As the position of the Harbor Master has been elevated in social rank, the harbor staff is no longer used for manual labor, but it has become a well known symbol of the office. The current harbor staff was created more than 200 years ago. It is a work of art and worth more than 20,000 gold drokmire. The current harbor master, Lord Lathyn Keldryn, keeps it with him at all times. It is rumored to be enchanted, though tavern gossip conflicts as to what magical feats it might be capable of.

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