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"One who seeks the wisdom of nature's majesty need look no further than the trees. They were brothers from the dawn of time. Long ago they were born, they lived and live still. The question is this: When they witness our demise, will it be with a fond tear of remembrance or a collective sigh of relief?"
-Bardun Leyans of the Grand Wood, Herbalist

Ruler Her Fey Majesty, the Blossom of the Grand Wood, Leader of the Ennathian High Council and Lady of the Elves, Queen Erelicia Syntha
Population 29,500
Demographics Elven 80%, Human 7%, Dwarven 5%, Grum 4%, Phellysian 2%, Avarian 2%
Adjectival/Demonym Ennathian/Ennathi
Languages Elven 75%, Bathyn 15%, Southern 10%
Nationality Cyrell
National Colors Green and white
Year Founded 530
Currency All currencies accepted. Extensive trade and barter.
Natural Resources Trees, plants, fruit, herbs, vegetables
Manufactured Goods and Major Exports Lumber, wind dancer wood, wood products, wood carvings, longbows, fruit, berries, nuts, herbs, cloth, plant fiber textiles, woven baskets, vegetables, emerald wine
Wealth Below Average
Government Type Monarchy
Government Stability Very Stable
Allies Ithell, Uthran, Avar
Enemies None
Walled No
Crime Level Low
Technology Level Dark Ages
Primary Religion Assytia
Other Religions None
Climate Temperate
Terrain Forest


Ennathe is the capital city of Cyrell. Ennathe is a beautiful city built in the typical elven fashion... aloft in the trees. Most of this city consists of tiered balconies, tree houses and homes built right into the trunks of trees. On the ground level, Ennathe boasts beautiful gardens, small ponds, walkways and a number of homes. While not as mysterious and legendary as Bazile, Ennathe is the elven city that more people are familiar with. It is known as the "City of Trees".


During the Great War, many small villages deep within the Grand Wood banded together for protection and mutual support. In the heart of that great forest, they hid from the war raging around them. Through the years, the peoples within this mighty forest began to change and evolve as so many others were. By the sixth century, the woodsmen were now distinctly different from the humans of the outside world. The outside world told tales of the "elves" of the Grand Wood. These elven villages coalesced into a nation and formerly founded Cyrell in the common year 530. Ennathe grew from a small trade town into the thriving elven city that it is today.


Ennathe is ruled by Queen Erelicia who is supported by a High Council of advisors. Together, they makes laws, politics, social decisions and appoint public servants to offices. The Queen is an intelligent and strong willed woman who is the niece of the Etharan King. Though she holds the title of queen, her political power is exercised more as a speaker of the council. Each council member has an equal amount of political clout and all, queen and council members, take part in council discussions and decisions. In this, Cyrell is a blend of monarchy and aristocracy. The entire government is greatly in favor of the elven race and laws are set up to favor elves. The government of Cyrell is completely elven. Non-elves are prohibited from serving in a governmental role. 

The Court of Ages

The Court of Ages is the central building of this elven kingdom. This enormous and breathtaking tree house holds the King's Court, the assembly hall of the High Council, the private chambers of the councillors, antechambers, guest chambers, libraries, conference rooms and servants quarters. A large group of elven soldiers serve as the House Guard.


The legal system is fair, though biased in favor of elves. Outsiders and non-elves will get a fair trial, but are usually suspected first. Most punishment involves fines, light labor, religious counseling and temporary imprisonment. The most serious crimes usually result in banishment. The elves do not believe in torture or execution and neither is practiced here.


The Ennathian Guard is the formal group of city guards that keep Cyrell safe. The Guard consists of some 800 elven soldiers who patrol, either on foot or swinging from tree to tree, the entire city. They wear the finest elven chain and wield slender single edged blades and long bows. They travel about in groups of four. Men and women both are able to join, but only elves may serve the Guard. In times of great need, all able bodied citizens are welcomed into the ranks of the city militia which is controlled by the Ennathian Guard.


Assytia is the god of the elves. There are no grand temples to Assytia. Instead, this faith has "holy glades".

A holy glade is a large circular clearing in the woods with a forest lord tree at the center. A dirt path often circles the perimeter of the glade.  The clearing is adorned with bushes or flower beds arranged in graceful patterns. There are no structures at such a site… no terraces, no roofs or walls, and the only altar is the great central tree. The whole space is very open, light and airy. The whole is exposed to rain, lightning, wind and sunshine. Holy glades have natural living plants that are lovingly shaped by spell and skill over decades to form a natural living place. There are several holy glades within walking distance of Ennathe. Each of these glades is holy ground. No artificial construction is permitted here. Likewise, no battles can be fought here. No business can be conducted here. This is a place of quiet contemplation and personal meditation. It is a place to be one with Nature.


Cyrell enjoys a moderate and stable economy as different elven towns and villages trade with each other and a variety of goods flow through Ennathe. Ennathe exports emerald wine, exotic types of wood, elven long bows and so forth to Ithell and other neighboring kingdoms.

The Trading Tree

This enormous and ancient forest lord tree is dead and hollowed out. Despite its condition and great age, it is still sturdy and will last for many centuries. Some magic is employed to maintain its current condition and prevent deterioration. This tree has numerous inner chambers, ledges, platforms, stairways and decks. The Trading Tree serves as the public market of Ennathe. All manner of trade and barter is conducted here.

Guilds and Organizations


Important People

Lady Syntha

An elven woman of legendary beauty and a wizard of great skill, she has studied under the best tutors and masters. Literally born and bred for the throne, she has been groomed her whole life for this duty. She assumed the throne upon the death of her father, King Sarellin. She has lived a life of privilege. She is, perhaps, out of touch with the outside world for she shares a good measure of the haughty arrogance that so many find in elves.

Ambassador Spaden

The lady Spaden is a name well known in Cyrell. A former adventurer, Spaden has traveled the realms from coast to coast and partaken in many a grand adventure. During her wandering years, she met and became friends with Sendel, whom now wears Normidia’s crown. After several carefree years out in the world, she returned to her homeland of Cyrell and served the royal family as ambassador to Ithell for many years. While there, it is rumored that she had a torrid love affair with a human woodsman. She has retired from her profession and has now settled down with an elven noble with whom she plans on enjoying quieter years ahead.


Andrikos is Lady Syntha’s personal advisor, the Cyrellian authority on magical matters and a powerful wizard. Andrikos was good friends with King Sarellin, Syntha’s father, before he died. Andrikos is of noble blood and comfortably wealthy. He is quite old. He dwells in alone in a tree house several levels above the royal palace. He spends his days reading from old books and dabbling in ancient lore and long forgotten spells. There are many who seek to apprentice under him, but he turns all such requests away. He prefers his solitude.



Although originally elven, Ennathe has become a bit of a racial and cultural melting pot. However, the city and country are still predominantly elven. The city if relatively peaceful despite racial inequalities. Customs and traditions tend to blend at the commoner’s level. Festivals tend to be small and sporadic, being celebrated by one race or the other. No interracial festival has evolved yet. Elven celebrations tend to be larger and more elaborate than the others.

Cyrellian Festival of Trees

A yearly summer festival of crafts, arts, dancing, drum circles, body painting and more. Giant puppets dance on ropes held by puppeteers from the trees above. Such puppets include elves, dragons and human knights, kings, queens, etc. Sometimes whole stories are told like a play. The elders will gather and tell stories to assembled crowds. One elf dresses all in gold robes and gold mask and hands out gifts. This man or woman is known as the Lord (or Lady) of Light. He/she is elected after much oratory and debate between contenders for the title. It is tradition that the Lord of Light eats and drinks for free during the festival. Also, for the duration of the festival, no one may refuse a request of the Lord of Light. Such requests are always light-hearted and fun. If the Lord of Light asks that you dance for him, you must dance. If he commands you to kiss a fair maiden, you kiss. If he orders you to smile, you smile. This is a tradition which everyone participates in. Commands are always simple and pleasurable. In many ways, the Lord of Light is the central figure in the Festival of Trees. He usually has an entourage of volunteer helpers who call themselves the "shadows" of the Lord of Light.


City Districts

There are no separate districts in Ennathe. The city is one.

Monuments and Public Spaces

The Appointed Place

An elevated platform surrounded by hanging gardens and plants. This place is used for all manner of social events, minstrel performances, plays, etc. Highest platform in the city. Seemingly rides above the treetops.


Architecture and Infrastructure

Elven architecture involves work with the natural growth of plant life. Through spell and craft, trees, vines, plants, shrubs and flowers can be manipulated in their growth to produce specific shapes. Dead trees and cut down and used for lumber. Even dead pieces of wood are shaped into graceful curves and sweeps. Elven architecture is built upon graceful shapes, elegant curves and spirals. There are no lines or hard edges anywhere in elven designs.

Most of this city consists of tiered balconies, tree houses and homes built right into the trunks of trees. On the ground level, Ennathe boasts beautiful gardens, small ponds, walkways and a number of homes.


Ennathe is a very safe city and there is very little crime here. A visitor here may have to contend with the occasional pickpocket or thief, but violent crimes are incredibly rare.

Important People In Ennathe


Shops and Guilds

Name and Proprietor Notes
Cerulean Sunset
Inn - This is the largest and most comfortable inn in Ennathe. It is owned and operated by a large elven family that immigrated here from Ethara three generations ago. Sureli is over two hundred years old and was a young man when his family settled. He later married a girl from a similar background, and has since taken care to preseve the ancient traditions of the "true elves" to his nine children. The beauty of Cyrell, he feels, is being diluted by the diverse mix of other cultures that maintain commerce in the area, He is very disappointed with his adopted kinsmen for being so easily corrupted by outside ways. Sureli is tight-lipped about his complaints, however. He treats his neighbors cordially, but with a palpable distrust. Townsfolk who know his true feelings wonder why he stayed here to raise his family instead of moving back his beloved western coast. 
Whispering Wind
Tavern - The Whispering Wind tavern is a tree house perched high in the branches of an old oak. It is a favorite among locals and travelers alike. An interesting note is that there is no ladder or staircase, so patrons must climb up the sturdy branches on all fours just to get through the front door. The owner, Ynisir, spent much of his youth as one of the few elves living atop the breathtaking peaks of Avar, and is much amused by his own mischievious appropriating of the winged folks' building style. It can truly be said that his bar regulars are among the best climbers in Ithria, although unfortunate falling accidents caused by the enjoyment of way too much wine are not exactly uncommon.
Leaves of Spring
Apothecary - This small shop sells all manner of flowers, plants, and seedlings in addition to an occassional healing herb. Seleran, a pleasant old grandmother who is wise beyond her considerable years, has established a very loyal following to her business. Friendly townsfolk often stop by to browse and chat for a bit, and even seek advice from the kind-hearted woman.
Soft & Supple
Leather Goods Shop - A leather working shop operated by Cullevari, a half elf. Cullevari suffered an injury in his youth which rendered him unable to use his legs. Yet this unfortunate handicap does nothing to slow him down. This prolific craftsman tans and shapes the finest leather in Cyrell, and moves about on a special chair a dwarven friend of his built, with attached wheels for mobility. Cullevari is energetic and always happily obsessed with his work. He works with no apprentices, and yet his shop is open all day and throughout the night. When concerned friends suggest that he should perhaps rest or take a day off, he replies, "Well...I tried sleeping one time. Didn't like it. Gave it up."
Berillis Wood Shaping
Woodworking Shop - A fine carpentry and wood working shop. Berillis, a dabbler in magic, incorporates some spells into the crafting of his creations. He often uses a spell to lovingly shape wood rather than cut and bend and distort it. His furniture is in high demand locally, even from members of the High Council. A short time ago, he relunctantly gave a glib Drakkelian salesman permission to sell some of his work to affluent art collectors in Ithell. The salesman promised him bags full of gold from this venture, but Berillus has yet to see a single piece of copper. The artist has not heard from the businessman in some time, and grows more agitated by the day.
Fairy Court
Magic Shop - Run by an elderly elven woman named Edyani. She concocts all sorts of charms, potions and scrolls. She also dabbles in alchemy, herbalism, curative magic, divination, plant lore and other minor magicks. A well-liked member of the community who always has lots of gossip to share.
King's Game
Tavern/Inn/Gambling Hall - This very large tree house is circular and complete wraps around a forest lord tree trunk. It has four levels and numerous rope bridges leading to secondary treehouses. This establishment is a busy and bustling place with a little bit of everything going on inside. It serves as a brewery, pub, tavern, inn, gambling hall and general store all in one. It is run by a large elven family and a staff of 10.
Spider's Web
Sage/Teacher - Cendra is a very old elf and is reverred by many of the other elves. It is known that he travelled widely in his younger days and even served as an ambassador to a distant land. Now, he is content to spend his days teaching the younger generations. He is an expert sage having studied almost everything under the suns. He is often called upon to advise the Council or tutor a nobles son. Cendra has a fondness of fine tobacco and can be bribed with a pouch of Kelfarian Red Leaf.
Soaring Falcon
Messenger and Transport Service - This odd business is run by an avarian male named Ynlethan. He came to Cyrell many years ago with a small group of younger avarians. He has worked hard to make friends among the elves and establish relations. He has succeeded and is a trusted friend now. He hopes to improve relationships between the two races. Ynlethian group serves as a service to the community - the rapid transportation of messages or small packages anywhere in Cyrell. Due to the dense forest, it is difficult for people to get around quickly, even elves. An avarian flying above the tree tops however, can make excellent time. A journey that might have taken days can be accomplished in mere hours. This service is especially useful in Cyrell because of the dense forest and because of the spread out nature of elven cities and towns. On occassion, one of the stronger flyers may even be requested to transport an elf to a certain location in the city.
Golden Chalice
Tavern/Inn - .This tavern/inn has a tea house quality to it as it serves a wide variety of herbal teas in addition to several house blends. This two story building sits low in the trees, a mere 7 meters (22 ft) from the forest floor. A broad front porch offers outdoor seating.
Wandering Minstrel
Tavern/Inn - .A ground level tavern run by a husband wife team of elven minstrels. Frequented by bards, artists, scholars.


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