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Hell's Market

Deep in the bowels of Drakkel, sprawling beneath the border of West Quarter and the Market District, lies the notorious Hell's Market. This labyrinth of subterranean chambers and corridors spans several city blocks with dozens of entrances, some secret, others well known. A maze of twisting passages and dark hall's, Hell's Market is famous throughout the Alliance. It is the darkest corner of Drakkel... the black heart of a corrupt city. Most people have heard stories about Hell's Market. Most known where it is, but decent folk steer clear of it unless. The Drakkellian government ignores Hell's Market, essentially pretending that it doesn't exist.

Hell's Market sells all manner of underworld goods. The most depraved and terrible horrors from around the world find their way to Hell's Market and find a buyer. Stolen goods are fenced here as a matter of course. Sharp blades and vicious poisons are demonstrated on living victims, fortune tellers screech out prophecies and witches brew sleep potions and sell love charms. Assassinations can be arranged with ease. Slaves are sold by the hundreds. Brothels offer every imaginable adventure of the flesh. Dark and foul smelling taverns offer the flesh of man or orc and elf for those with a taste for it. Every sin and depravity can be had here for a price. Absolutely nothing is forbidden.

Hell's Market is also a cultural and social melting pot. Every imaginable race can be found here. Sayune, orcs, saurians, mandalar, dwarves, urtas and more can be found buying, selling and passing through. The market is a chaotic swirl of haggling and bravado with spectacles everywhere that vye for one's attention.

Hell's Market is a lawless community. It is owned by no one and controlled by no organization. It is a natural evolution from the commerce of the city above. As such, justice here truly belongs to the strong and everyone is equal. Noble or common makes no difference. All that matters down here is a quick blade and a full purse.

The Great Hall

Hell's Market consists of several huge chambers crowded with booths, stalls and shacks, but the Great Hall is the largest of them all. The geometry of the great chamber is disconcerting. Walls, floors and ramps seem to jam together in an architectural cacophony. Balconies jutt out from the tiers at many different levels and one can see across the vast chamber to other balconies at various levels. Strung between the balconies are ropes and chains from which hang colorful banners and glowing lanterns. The Great Hall is a central hub of Hell's Market from which corriders and hallways branch out in every direction to other halls.

The Harrow Court

There is one dark corner of Hell's Market which many in the underworld see as the unofficial capital of the market. It is called the Harrow Court and is ruled by one they call the Underking, a reclusive figure said to wield powerful magic and who presides over a "court".


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