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"Drakkel has lots of prisons. Guldremor is the one they don't talk about."
- Sebril Tautrus, Assistant Dockmaster of the Drakkellian Harbor



The city of Drakkel has dozens of small prisons. There are debtor prisoners, crowded and filthy, where many of the poor pass through for short durations. The military maintains detention facilities. Many of the larger and more powerful guilds have their own small prisons. However, there is one prison where the most dangerous, violent (or merely politically inconvenient) prisoners are sent. It is the maximum security prison facility known as Guldremor. This is the place Drakkel sends those people that it wants to forget about.

Guldremor is a heavily fortified structure on a small island a few kilometers off the Drakkellian coast, not far from the city itself. The minimum stay here is ten years, but life sentences are not uncommon. Guldremor is harsh and conditions are brutal. Even the threat of being sent to Guldremor is often enough to break the most hardened criminal.

Rumors, gossip and exaggerated stories about this island prison have elevated it to an almost mythical status. The truth, however, is the real Guldremor is not quite as brutal as the tall tales about it would suggest.

Architecture and Layout

The prison is actually built upon the ruins of an old Traxxian sea fortress. This accounts for its rather heavy fortification and military aspects. The place was originally built to withstand a full siege. Some structural changes were made, but for the most part, the prison adapted to make use of the existing architecture. The prison is six stories high. The prison has a total of 101 cells, 2 of which are high security cells.

Sea Caves - Running through the island at sea level is a network of caves. Several vertical shafts from the prison above connect to these sea caves. The prison uses the sea caves as a source of fresh water and also as a crude sewer system.

Level 1 - The first level houses most of the production and maintenance facilities. Servants quarters are on level 1 along with the furnace, the workshop and storage. The first level also houses the main gate and the siege armory.

Level 2 - The second level is the "guard level". It houses the barracks and the common room where the guards spend their time when off duty. It also houses the mess hall, kitchen and food storage.

Level 3-5 - The third, fourth and fifth floors house the bulk of the actual prison cells. These levels each have 33 cells of varying size. All cell on a level share the same lock and each prison level has its own master key... one copy held in the guard room on that level and one copy kept with the captain of the guards for that level who is on duty.

Level 6 - This is the command level. The warden, high ranking officers, wizard and other prison officials have quarters on this level. The command level also houses guest quarters for visiting dignitaries and a hospital.

Roof - Above level six is the roof. It can be accessed by a stair well from level 6. A heavily fortified and locked triple door prevents unauthorized access. Four automated constructs (much like mechanized metal golems) patrol the roof endlessly and have orders to kill anything that moves.

Level 1 - Production and Maintenance

Level 2 - Guard Level

Levels 3 to 5 - Prison Levels

Level 6 - Command Level


Guldremor receives supplies from a military ship which visits once per month. Prisoners are ferried to and from the island prison on the same supply ship. Non-military ships are not permitted to approach Guldremor and doing so without a good reason will result in impoundment of the ship and the arrest of the captain and crew.

There are typically 35-40 guards stationed at this prison, along with a half dozen officers, a wizard, a warden and assistant warden. A small staff of servants tends to the general upkeep of the prison, cleans the place and provides meals for the guards and officers. A handful of skilled tradesmen provide carpentry, stone craft and metalwork work for the upkeep of the facility and all equipment within.

The wizard uses a variety of spells to prevent intrusion, detect unauthorized magic use, communicate with the mainland, detect lies during interrogation and similar useful feats. It is rumored that he had placed a number of creatures of his own making in the sea caves below to prevent anyone from using those caves for escape.

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