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The Stone Lady Inn

Deep in the heart of the Copperton District, amidst many of the great guild halls, is one of the larger and wealthier inns, the Stone Lady Inn. It’s an unusual inn for several reasons. The owner and proprietor is a female half ogre named Murta, who inherited it from her deceased husband. Years ago, she was married to Halthan Don, a human male, but a giant of a man. Halthan was liked by all and a well known name in Drakkel who ran a popular inn and had extended business dealings with many.

He was heavily involved in a project with House Dragari, a powerful guild in the district, when he was suddenly and brutally murdered. The killer was never found, but evidence and eye witnesses led many, including Murta, to believe that he was killed by agents of House Dragari. Murta has sworn everlasting hatred for House Dragari and set a rule that no Dragari may ever set foot in her inn. For unknown reasons, House Dragari has hatched several unsuccessful plots to infiltrate the Stone Lady and other attempts to have the Stone Lady shut down entirely. Murta has spent the years since her husbands death expanding and improving her inn.

The Stone Lady Inn itself is four stories tall and fashioned from rough hewn granite blocks and thick beams of oak, darkend with age. Beneath it's heavily shingled roof is a stout building housing dozens fo rooms, great halls, balconies, attics and a large cellar.

The name of this inn is something of a mystery. Was it a pet name that Halthan had for Murta or does it describe the strong and stout building itself? No one is sure. Whether it refers to the building or the proud woman who runs it, it seems a fitting description in either case.

Proprietor and Staff


Murta is a huge and ugly woman, both tall and heavy. Green tinged skin, a prominent eye ridge and a pair of horns sprouting from her forehead reveal her ogrish heritage. She has a ragged scar on her face, a crooked nose, a wart and yellow stained teeth. Her tendency to wear fashionable dresses and expensive fabrics clashes with her somewhat bestial visage. Murta is the owner and proprietor. She is as tough as nails, but deep down, has a heart of gold. Murta is very protective of her employees and treats them like family. Because of her brusk personality, she is sometimes referred to as the "Stone Lady" by both staff and guests. It is a nickname she seems to favor.


Baremor is a charming, likeable, handsome man in his thirties. He has brown hair, brown eyes and a smile that has charmed many a young maiden. Baremor assists Murta with managing the business, navigating the complex tax laws and so forth. He knows the tax codes and city laws better than most. He has friends and connections scattered throughout Drakkel and puts them to good use. He is very good at keeping the Stone Lady out of trouble. Baremor loves to gamble and often arranges card games in the main dining room. Baremor has a disarming wit that can charm most people. When charm fails, he is a skilled swordsman and has helped Korrad defend on the inn from Dragari thugs on more than one occasion.


Kardower tends the bar and brews the house ale. Kardower is a heavy set human male with a mop of thick curly black hair and a large nose. He speaks with a deep, nasally voice. He loves nothing more than his ale and is often quite drunk. He is missing several teeth from various bar fights. Kardower has built an elaborate still in the cellar and there he brews Stone Lady Ale and other potent concoctions. He loves to tinker with the recipes and is constantly improving his product. He also buys liquor for the inn. Kardower prides himself on providing a very wide selection of drinks for his bar - from elvish wine to orcish rum to War Vale Gaithian brandy.


Korrad is a heavily muscled, full blooded ogre and Murta's half brother. Korrad is no stranger to battle and can best most men in a fair fight. He serves the inn as “enforcer”, a term he likes to use. He does whatever is necessary to keep the peace and keep the staff and guests of the inn safe. Korrad was best friends with Murta’s husband before Halthan was murdered. Korrad has vowed to find and punish the killer. He and Murta are certain that House Dragari is to blame. Due to House Dragari’s wealth and connections, this inn is under constant threat. Korrad and Murta have spent a great deal of time and money fortifying the inn. The walls are thick, the doors are stout and the locks are the best that money can buy.

Leona, Timari, Kaysha

Leona is an 50 year old human woman. She, along with her two daughters, serve drinks in the bar and help with cleaning. Timari is 26, bold and brash and fearless. She dances for lively crowds and has been known to bed a guest for extra coin, much to the consternation of her mother. Kaysha is 16 and much more shy.

Old Tom

True to his name, Old Tom is an elderly human male. He's a tall, lean man with grey hair, a wispy beard and a gruff, but soft, voice. He serves as the cook and almost never leaves the kitchen. He often incorporates Kardower's ale in his cooking.


Tubs is a grum male with curly brown hair who assists everyone else. He's often found in the kitchen helping Old Tom with the cooking. Tubs and Old Tom are often heard arguing over spice combinations and cooking methods. Other times Tubs helps with the cleaning, does repairs around the inn and so forth. Tubs helps Korrad with installing the locks and so forth. In this capacity, Tubs has been a valuable resource as he is more familiar with locks than most. Unknown to the other staff, Tubs is a very good thief. He has one rule... he never steals from anyone under the roof of the Stone Lady, not staff and not guests. However, he enjoys roaming the city during his free time picking pockets and burglarizing homes. Tubs really is exceptionally good at locks and the locks here are the best. Tubs also has a knack for spotting other thieves and he keeps an eye on anyone that looks like they might try to do some thievery under the Stone Lady's roof.

Ardis and Mozul

Ardis and Mozul are twin brothers, the two sons of Murta. Though not identical, they are almost inseparable. They share a small room next to the stables, where they tend to the horses, carriages and wagons that come in. The boys are one quarter ogre and three quarters human. Their uncle Korrad is teaching them to fight.


The Common Sleeping Room - 1 copper

For a copper, anyone may have a blanket and find an empty patch of floor in the common room. There is no privacy here and no security. But the roof doesn’t leak and two fireplaces keep the large room warm. Many a beggar, urchin or wayward lost soul has found a night of comfort here for a mere copper.

Smallfolk Room- 5 silver

The Stone Lady is one of the few establishments to have special rooms sized for diminutive folk. There are four such private rooms in which everything – from the doorknobs, to the bed to the chamber pot, is sized for a grum or dwarf.

Private Room - 5 silver

A small private room with one medium sized bed, coarse woolen blankets and a chamber pot. The door bolts from the inside and the window has a small latch on it. There are twenty such private rooms at the Stone Lady Inn.

Private Suite - 2 gold

A large private room with a large goose feather bed, extra pillows and finely spun woolen blankets. The room also has a large tub, a writing table, two chairs, a covered chamber pot, a chest of drawers and a foot locker at the foot of the bed. The door has a very good lock on it and the windows bolt shut. The private suites are two gold pieces per night. The Stone Lady has six private suites.

Grand Suite - 6 gold

The Grand Suites are the finest rooms in the inn and there are only two of them. These enormous rooms contain a massive four post feather bed which is covered in velvet and silk and hung with heavy curtains. The room also boasts several tables and chairs, beautiful rugs, hung artwork and a variety of chests of drawers and cabinets. Among its most impressive features are an indoor covered privy, a stone tub for bathing, a folding privacy screen, a large closet which doubles as a dressing room and an iron bound chest with a lock. The room also has a large bay window which looks out over the streets of the city. Finally, the room comes with a personal attendant who will see to the needs of the guest, bringing food, clean towels and so forth. The attendant is summoned by a rope pull which rings a bell downstairs. This magnificent room costs 6 gold lords per night.



Onions in gravy 1 cp
Beef and bacon pie, one slice
4 cp
Hogget stuffed with mushrooms
2 cp
Beef in onion-ale broth
4 cp
Pumpkin oatbread
1 cp
Garlic honey roasted chicken
3 cp
Duck in lemonsweet sauce
4 cp
Roasted boar with gravy
6 cp
Fried kebrin cakes in lemonsweet sauce
2 cp
Fried fish cakes 1 cp
Seafood chowder 3 cp


During one of his night time excursions, Tubs snuck into House Dragari and made a startling discovery... one of the Knight Commanders at House Dragari is searching for something... something that is supposedly in or underneath the Stone Lady Inn. It has something to do with Halthan's murder. Tubs has not yet told anyone back at the Stone Lady as he does not want to expose his night time activities.


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