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The Red Trident Tavern

The Red Trident is a large tavern and inn located in the Copperton, directly across the street from House Dragari, one of the major guilds of Drakkel. Perhaps because of this location, the Red Trident is a frequent watering hole for guards, officers and workers from House Dragari. House Dragari is known for having connections to several underworld groups. Likewise, the Red Trident Tavern is something of a gathering place for criminals, thugs and those guilds that have a shady reputation, chief among them, House Dragari.

The tavern is a boisterous place, always roaring with music, laughter and a raucous crowd. The main bar is always crowded and most of its rooms are usually full.

The building itself is a large three story building of stone and timber. It has one large central bar which seats about 40 and this is where most drinks and food are consumed. Numberous card games are usually going on here. There is also a private dining room that seats 10. Upstairs there is a large common sleeping area, ten small private rooms and two large private suites.

Behind the tavern is a small walled courtyard and the tavern’s stables. Just outside the back door of the tavern is an awning covered three privy holes. These three holes lead directly to the sewer waters below.

Proprietor and Staff


The owner of this establishment is Grakus, a heavyset man with huge arms and greying hair. Grakus is a former gladiator and pit fighter who famously wielded a red trident to great effect in his battles. He worn a fortune fighting in Ormek and the Coalition before finally settling in Drakkel. With his winnings, he established this tavern. Despite advanced years and weight, Grakus is still a formidable fighter.


Baelo is a full blooded male ogre. Like Grakus, he is also a former fighter and has fought with Grakus in dozens of pit fights and tournaments. He came with Grakus from the east to Drakkel and helped him establish the tavern. Baelo now serves as the bouncer. Few patrons are willing to risk a fight with Baelo.


A tall, lean human male with shoulder length dark hair, intense eyes and a hawk nose. He has a nasty scar on his throat from an unfortunate encounter with a knife years ago. This wound has left him with a soft, raspy, somewhat menacing, voice. Kanuth is the business manager for the Red Trident Tavern. Although Grakus has a head for business, Kanuth has proven particularly adept at navigating the labyrinth of the Drakkellian tax bureaus. In addition to keeping the books and paying off the right people, Kanuth manages any number of business scams from this tavern. He is at the center of money laundering, protection scams, smuggling and fencing stolen goods. Kanuth is third in command behind Grakus and Baelo.


Scarlet is a foul-mouthed, foul-tempered, tobacco-chewing, tattooed dwargrum female who serves as the cook for the Red Trident. She goes by the name scarlet because of her fiery red hair. Scarlet seemingly dislikes everyone and is, in general, thoroughly unfriendly and unlikeable. She is uncouth, loud, opinionated and ugly. However, she’s a decent cook.


Murrok is a fat half orc with greenish skin and a balding head. He tends bar, serves drinks, takes orders and generally keeps the tavern running.


Syra is a 43 year old human female. She serves drinks and food in the main bar and private dining room. She also helps with the cleaning and general upkeep. Her son, Aidon, serves as the stable boy. Syra will occasionally take a customer into her bed for a price. Her son is the product of one such encounter. Syra is a tough customer and looks out for Darielle and Aidon.


Darielle is the younger sister of Syra. She is more shy than Syra and avoids most of the advances she gets. She serves in the bar and helps with the cleaning.


Aidon tends the horses of patrons and cleans the stables, where he also sleeps. Aidon doesn't really like the Red Trident or its clientele. He dreams of escaping and studying to become a wizard.


Common Room - Price: One copper per night

The Red Trident Tavern has a common room on the second floor that sleeps about 30. The floor is covered by straw which gets swept out and replaced one each week. A space on the floor and a blanket can be had in his room for a single copper. There's no privacy or security and by the end of the week the straw smells a bit moldy, but it's cheap.

Private Room - Price: One silver per night

There are ten small private rooms. Each has a small straw bed, wool blankets, pillow and chamber pot. The rooms are small, barely large enough to hold the bed, but they do have a door and a lock.

Suite - Price: One gold per night

There are two private suites. Each of the suites has a large goose feather bed, extra pillows and blankets, a chest of drawers, a large desk, a leather padded high chair and a covered chamber pot. The suites have very sturdy doors with strong locks and bolts. Each room also has a small tub.


Goose egg pudding 2 cp
Rabbit stew
3 cp
1 cp
Scrambled eggs with raspberries
2 cp
Small loaf of nut and berry bread
1 cp
Half roasted chicken
5 cp
Potato, onion and beef pie
6 cp
Cup of leek and black bean soup
2 cp
Fried fish plate
3 cp
Oatcakes and cheese slices 2 cp


A high ranking official from the Coalition has taken up an extended residence here. He is involved in several nefarious schemes with local guilds. He's an avid gambler and can often be found involved in a card game in the bar.

A group of singing and juggling grum are currently in residence and performing every night this month.

One of the singing grum is a very good thief has been very successful in picking pocking and sneaking into rooms at night. He steals very little so as to avoid notice.

The Red Trident Tavern is the home of a gang of thugs and street toughs. These thugs have a room all their own which serves as their home base. They have an arrangement with Grakus and Baelo... they help provide security for the tavern and they get a reduced rate on their room. They also do odd jobs for Kanuth and House Dragari. This gang of eight members calls themselves “the Juggers” because they drink a lot. Their leader is a pig faced boy named Gruk. They are crude, violent thugs with little training, but House Dragari and other underworld groups have found them useful from time to time.


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