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The History of the Citadel

"History has taught us that no nation - no matter its size, its tradition, its military strength - is safe from the forces of Chaos within our world. Let Duthelm, former province of Rukemia, be an example and a reminder to us all."
- On The History of the Eastern Realms by Pendarin Krosha, Independent Scholar, Rukemia

Below is a detailed timeline of the history of the Citadel.    All dates are given on the common calendear (e.g. CY = Common Year).

Year (CY)



Construction Begins- Construction on the Citadel began.


Construction Ends - Construction on the Citadel completed.


First Assault Launched - Citadel was inhabited and fully independent. First full scale assault is launched from the Citadel.


Mining Begins - Mining of Orichalcum began, but only on very limited scale.


Great War Ends - The Fall of the Thullian Empire and the surrender to Traxxian Forces.


Citadel Becomes Independent - The Citadel became an independent political entity. It continued functioning under a human commander named Marcus Tilley. Many refugees from the war fled to the Citadel.


Citadel Falls to Orc Horde - Orc hordes, under the command of the orc chieftain Brauk, laid siege to and captured the Citadel. The rapid fall of the Citadel to orcish forces was blamed on the abyssmal leadership and cowardice of Commander Marcus Tilley.


Orc Kingdom - The orc chieftain Brauk declares himself King and established the Orcish Kingdom of Braukulish.


Siege - The Irenni League began a siege of the Citadel.


Irenni League Captures Citadel - The Irenni League captured the Citadel. The general leading the siege, Sanigar, assumed control of the Citadel in the name of the Irenni League.


Ogre Clans Seize Citadel - After only thirty years under human control, the humanoid hordes, led by ogre clans, captured the Citadel.


Kingdom of Rukemia Founded - Kingdom of Rukemia was founded far away. Rukemia would play an important role in the history of the Citadel.


Rukemia Lays Seige - The Royal Army of the Kingdom of Rukemia began a siege of the ogre held Citadel. The siege lasted seven years.


Rukemia Seizes Control of Citadel - Siege ended in a climactic battle and the Royal Rukemian Army captured the Citadel and drove off the ogres.


Mining Begins Again - Mining of Orichalcum began again but only on a small scale.


Dragon Takes Up Residence - The great wyrm Pyrilauth took up residence in the upper caves of the mountain above the Citadel. The dragon preyed on anyone daring to be seen outside. This made life in the Citadel impossible and eventually the presence of the dragon drove the citizens away. For 400 years, no one dwelled within the Citadel except for a few foolhardy tribes of goblins and a clan of saurian dragon worshipers.


Dragon Slain - The dragon Pyrilauth was slain by a band of heroes led by the hero warrior Darmongur.


Cleansing Begins - With the dragon gone, humans recaptured the Citadel and the Cleansing of the Citadel began.


Citadel Reoccupied - The Cleansing was completed and humans once again began to dwell in large numbers in the Citadel under the command of Darmongur, a friend and loyal servant of Alfred Thurin.


Thurin Generates Support - With the political clout of having recaptured the Citadel from the forces of darkness, Alfred Thurin was able to generate support in the court of Rukemia.


Thurin Declares Himself Emperor - Alfred Thurin claimed the throne, executed the King and the Rukemian Empire was founded.


Orichalcum Mines Reopened Under Rukemian Control - The Orichalcum mines were reopened and mining began again. For the next 300 years, the citadel was held by humans and bore the flag of the Rukemian Empire. Although production was low, the Orichalcum mines continued for much of those three centuries and small bricks of Orichalcum were sent throughout the empire. Eventually, Orichalcum bricks were exported to Carrikos and other nations.


Duthelm Unites The Clans - The greatest ogre chieftain of all time, a powerful ogre named Duthelm, united all the ogre clans and amassed an unstoppable ogre army


Ogre Wars Begin - Duthelm’s War Horde began attacking from the mountains… the Ogre Wars had begun and would rage for years.


Duthelm Lays Siege to Citadel, Orichalcum Mines Sealed - The Horde of Duthelm began a siege of the Citadel. The siege lasted for 19 months. During the siege, mining of Orichalcum was shut down and, to protect the mineral, the mines were sealed with stone and spell.


Citadel Falls to the Ogre Hordes - The Siege broke through and the Citadel fell to the ogres in a great battle. The Rukemian citizens fled or were butchered.


Duthelm Reigns - Duthelm began his reign and ruled from the Citadel with an iron fist. Ogres, orcs, goblins, saurians and other humanoids came from all over to serve. He ruled with the title War Lord. Uninterested in magic or mages, Duthelm ignored the Orichalcum mines and they lie silent and sealed for many years.


Ogres Rebuild Citadel - The ogres began repairing the damage from centuries of siege and warfare. Thousands of ogres work on this project. At the same time, the Citadel is expanded and improved with ogrish architecture. Over the years, it becomes known as Duthelm's Citadel.


Reconstruction Complete - Reconstruction work was completed. By the time the reconstruction was completed, the entire region was known as Duthelm's Realm5


Duthelm Dies - Duthelm, the greatest ogre chieftain and warlord in history, was killed in battle. His chief lieutenant, Kraevan, took charge of the Citadel and took the title of War Lord.


Kraevan Meets with Cevalk - War Lord Kraevan traveled to the Northern Tusks to meet with Cevalk, the great orcish chieftain ruling there, and discussed an alliance. Cevalk welcomed Kraevan and agreed to an alliance.


Cevalks Betrayal - Despite his overtures of friendship, Cevalk killed War Lord Kraevan in a cowardly ambush on his return journey.


Duthelm Civil War  - When word reaches Duthelm that War Lord Kraevan has been killed, fighting over control of the Citadel erupts as multiple ogrish chieftains fight for it. Thus began the Duthelm Civil War. For three years, several different factions vied for control of the Citadel in a never ending dance of truces, pacts, betrayals and revenge killings.


Traebus Kills Cevalk - The leader of one of these factions was Traebus, the grandson of the great ogre chieftain Duthelm. Traebus left the squabbling faction leaders behind and traveled to the Northern Tusks. There he slew the orcish chieftain Cevalk.


Traebus Returns - Traebus returned to the court of the Citadel with the head of Cevalk. For this brave act of revenge against Cevalk, Traebus gained a great deal of support from the different faction leaders. He met and overcame several challengers.


Traebus Becomes War Lord - After having won the duels, Traebus assumed the throne and declared himself the War Lord of the Citadel.


Traebus Honors Duthelm - War Lord Traebus commissioned the crafting of a great statue of his grand father, Duthelm. Traebus officially declared the name of this new ogre nation as Duthelm. Although this act was symbolic more than anything as the region had been known as Duthelm for many years already.


Long Line of Ogre War Lords - Beginning in 1936, a series of ogre warlords rose to power, each challenging the reigning War Lord, slaying him in combat and then assuming control of the Citadel. This occurred amidst all manner of court room political backstabbing, poison attempts and the like.


Plague Reaches Duthelm - It was not until 2126 CY, that things changed dramatically in the courtroom politics of the Citadel. The plague, known as the Stiffening, was sweeping across the lands, moving north through the Rukemian Empire. The plague finally reached Duthelm in 2126.


Plague Kills Citadel War Lord - The current reigning War Lord, named Athramis, and many of his officers and court members are killed by the Stiffening. Fighting over the throne erupts even amidst the plague.


Heparus Battles Plague - Heparus, an ogrish priest of Kael battles back the plague with magic and tara root and quarantine procedures, even while the various chieftains and delegations argue over the throne. His success wins him great favor with the ogres and they make him the temporary ruler of the Citadel. Several of the ogre chieftains back him.


Plague Defeated - With the work of Heparus and other priests, the Stiffening Plague is finally defeated in Duthelm.


Sargran Banished - Over in Carrikos, a powerful arch-mage known as Sargran was banished. The archmage took up residence in a great ruined castle in the mountains on the border between Carrikos and Duthelm.


Heparus Rules - The savior of Duthelm, Heparus, gives himself the title of High Priest Lord, declaring it equivalent to War Lord.


Heparus Fashions Talisman - The High Priest Lord Heparus fashioned a powerful magical talisman which bestowed many protections and powers upon the wearer. Among them was the gift of long life and health.


Orichalcum Mines Unsealed - The High Priest Lord Heparus, who favored the mages and priests, sought to increase Duthelm’s magical power. The Orichalcum mines had been sealed for more than three centuries. It took the combined effort of several priests and mages, but they finally overcame the seal. The Orichalcum mines were opened and Orichalcum mining resumed. The mineral proved valuable in spell research and new uses were found for the mineral.


Heparus Invites Sargran - The High Priest Lord Heparus was told of Sargran, a powerful sorcerer who had been banished from Carrikos, and who was now living in exile in a ruined castle near the Duthelm border. Heparus invited this archmage to live and work in Duthelm where he could pursue his research without government interference.


Sargran Joins Citadel - Sargran accepted the invitation of Heparus and in the summer of 2136 CY, relocated to the Citadel permanently.


Black Sorcerers Founded - Sargran founded the Black Sorcerers. From this date forth, the Black Sorcerers slowly grew in size and power.


Shrine of Lost Souls Created - Sargran created the Shrine of Lost Souls.


Kalamus Kills Heparus - An ogre general named Kalamus challenged and killed Heparus in a duel. Despite having both spells and the Talisman, Heparus was unable to save himself from a grisly death by the sword of Kalamus. Kalamus assumed the title of War Lord. He also claimed the Talisman of Heparus for himself. With this powerful Talisman, he would go on to live and rule for more than three centuries.


Kalamus Shuts Down Mines - Shortly after taking control of the Citadel, War Lord Kalamus ordered the Orichalcum mines resealed and all mining operations shut down. He feared that the Orichalcum mineral would give the priests and mages too much power and that they could somehow use it against him and his Talisman. War Lord Kalamus placed a number of restrictions upon the Black Sorcerers and the other mages and priests in Duthelm, to limit their power and keep them in check. This led to a bitter dispute between Kalamus and Sargran which would continue for years.


Archmage Sargran Dies - At the age of 123, Sargran, the most powerful wizard and chief magical authority in Duthelm, died. He was laid to rest with honor in the halls of the Black Sorcerers.


Kalamus Declares Himself Ogre King - War Lord Kalamus grew bold in his apparent agelessness and drunk with the power of the Talisman. After 36 years of unchallenged reign, Kalamus declared himself the first Ogre King. He established a true monarchy, wrote up many official state documents and made many changes to promote Duthelm as a proper kingdom in the eyes of the world. King Kalamus commissioned a great stone throne be crafted and also had a crown and scepter made. Over the long years of his reign, King Kalamus took many wives and fathered many children, but to ensure that none would ever challenge him, he had them all killed. Kalamus trusted in his immortality and saw no need to plan for a successor.


Talisman Weakness Discovered - Maruk, a high ranking ogre commander in service to King Kalamus, learned from Nagius, a member of the Black Sorcerers, that the Talisman was not indestructible and that to destroy it would cause Kalamus to endure all of the long years of his unnatural age. Nagius told Maruk that the Talisman had a weakness.


Maruk Kills Kalamus - Maruk challenged King Kalamus and during the duel, managed to wrestle the Talisman away from Kalamus and shatter it. King Kalamus died a horrible death before the assembled court, rapidly aging and turning to dry, brittle bones. Maruk took the crown and scepter and assumed the throne, declaring himself King Maruk. Because of the aid of Nagius, King Maruk bestowed many gifts and titles and privileges upon the Black Sorcerers, making them an honored branch of his monarchy.


Orichalcum Mines Reopened - King Maruk reopened the Orichalcum mines so that the Black Sorcerers would have access to the mineral for their research and spell use.


Orichalcum Purification Method Discovered - One of the Black Sorcerers, a half ogre named Kartoth, specialized in the use and mining of Orichalcum. In 2468 CY, he discovered a method to refine and purify the mineral Orichalcum. This greatly increased its potency and usefulness, making it vastly more valuable to magical research and spell use.


True Size of the Orichalcum Deposits Discovered - After years of research, Kartoth discovered that the Orichalcum deposits within the mountain were vast… much greater than anyone knew. This discovery gained him much favor with the King.


Red Eye Corps Founded - The recent advances in the use of Orichalcum, combined with the discovery of vast new deposits of the mineral, led to a great increase in Orichalcum mining. To control and protect the Orichalcum mining operations, the Duthelm Orichalcum Mining Corporate was founded. It quickly became known as the “Red Eye Corps”. Kartoth was put in charge of the Red Eye Corps and all mining operations were conducted under Kartoth’s command. Beginning in 2485 CY, mining operations were slowly and steadily organized and expanded and Duthelm began exporting it regularly. Orichalcum would eventually become Duthelm’s most valuable mineral wealth and chief export.


Maruk Dies, Kartoth Rules - King Maruk died from natural causes. He had named Kartoth his successor. With the king’s proclamation and the political clout from ruling the Red Eye Corps, Kartoth was unchallenged and assumed the throne. During his reign, the Black Sorcerers continued to be favored by the King and were given wealth and status and independence. In return, they worked to bring many magical innovations to the Citadel. The Astronomical Observatory was created.


Tralibor Assassinates Kartoth - Tralibor, the ruling high priest of the church of Draxorith, used a combination of hired killers, false rumors, dark magic and even poison to finally slay King Kartoth in a cowardly ambush. Tralibor, having already swayed many to his side, assumed the throne and fended off all challengers.


Lord Caramus Appointed to High Priest - King Tralibor appointed Lord Caramus, a priest of Draxorith, as the new High Priest of the Church of Draxorith. The King also gave Caramus the title and role of Chief Advisor to King Tralibor. Little did King Tralibor know that Caramus had much loftier ambitions ahead. Caramus was, in fact, a cambion – a half ogre and half demon. He claimed to have been fathered by Draxorith himself.


Caramus Begins Work on Gate - For many years, Caramus worked to forge a strong working relationship between the Black Sorcerers and the Church of Draxorith. He challenged them with the task of opening a rift, a dimensional gateway, to Hell and bringing Draxorith into the mortal realm.


Caramus Kills Tralibor and Takes Throne - After sixteen years of research and patient work, it finally paid off. They would be able to open a rift to Hell and bring the great demon lord Draxorith into the mortal realm.

When Caramus brought news of their work to King Tralibor, the King was furious with Caramus. King Tralibor feared that Draxorith would taken over the realm. He ordered both the Church and the Black Sorcerers to abandon their work and ordered Caramus thrown into the dungeons. However, he had underestimated Caramus’ magical power and political allies. Caramus drew upon dark magic and slew Tralibor and his guards where they stood. Lord Caramus immediately took over the Citadel and all of Duthelm.


Demon Lord Draxorith Summoned - After many months of research and preparation, the Black Sorcerers reopened the gate and, in an elaborate and complex ceremony, summoned forth the dread lord Draxorith into the mortal realm.


Demon War Begins - News of the demon lord's summoning spread during 2566 CY. It struck fear into the hearts of the people of Kitar and Rukemia. It inspired bloodlust in the primitive races. Orcs, goblins, trolls, skrell and worse began coming down from the mountains to serve Duthelm. Other lesser demons were brought through the dimensional gate controlled by the Black Sorcerers. As their armies massed, Duthelm prepared for war. Late in the year of 2566 CY, Duthelm feels ready and launches several attacks against Kitaran villages and the town of Craython Vale. Thus begins the great “Demon War”.

2567 Siege of Myranor Begins. Draxorith led a massive group of orcs, ogres and others that laid siege to the city for months. Only by the power of the King's Relics was Myranor able to hold off the immense might of Draxorith.
2568 Siege of Myranor Ends. After nine months, the siege was broken and the forces of Duthelm driven back by the combined effort of the armies of Rukemia and Kitar, mercenaries from the War Vale, the Order of the Drake and the Conclave of Freedom. The war continued for many months after this and several major battles are fought along the border of Duthelm and Kitar.


Draxorith Banished - According to the official records of Duthelm, Draxorith sacrificed himself in order to protect the Kingdom of Duthelm. After this, the war begins to unravel and soon ends entirely.


Second Demon War Builds - After more than 120 years of relative peace, the nation of Duthelm tried again. Several factors came into play that caused the next war in the region. A giant named Karthus united the orcish tribes of the mountains. The Black Sorcerers managed to open another rift and make contact with a mysterious entity known as Xor, who brought with him his army of xorians.

2709 With the combined might of the xorians, the horde of Karthus and the soldiers of Duthelm, the ogre nation was able to wage another war which began in 2709. The strange appearance and interdimensional origins of the xorians led to the war becoming known as the Second Demon War. The Black Sorcerers also worked to bring Draxorith back.
2710 The Siege of Myranor - Duthelm lays siege to the city of Myranor. Siege lasts 7 weeks before the Duthelm hordes are routed by Kitaran and Rukemian armies. Sandrellar, an elven knight from the Order of the Drake, is killed in this battle as is the giant Karthus.


Second Demon War Ends - With the aid of many heroes, adventuring companies and mercenaries, Kitar and Rukemian forces are victorious. The hordes of Duthelm are beaten back. Many valiant knights and heroes die in this war. The orc tribes are scattered into the mountains. The demigod Xor breaks the alliance with Duthelm and the xorians journey north. The war degenerated into an indefinite stalemate along the border and an uneasy truce between Duthelm and Kitar.

Xor and the xorians headed north, into the mountains, where they settled in a secluded valley. This area becomes known to the rest of the world as the Rift Vale.


Queen Sillar Ascends to the Throne - With the end of the War, Queen Sillar, the daughter of Lord Caramus, ascended to the throne. Lord Caramus supports her but continues to control the nation from behind the scenes.


Current Year


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