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People of Note

Khoras is populated by millions of people and each one of them, no matter how small his or her role in the world, has unique skills, goals and motivations. Below is a very small sampling of people in the world.


Name Occupation/Title Affiliations Nation/Region City/Town Race Gender
Agrusi, Timon Imperial Historian   Rukemia Aridorn Human Male
Allin, Karadess Archbishop of Carrikos   Carrikos Arcanum Human Male
Anthar, Eduard Duke Duke of Anthar Duchy of Anthar War Vale Iron Gate Human Male
Arkain, Davillon King of Myranor   Kitar Myranor Human Male
Bejai, Setra Arch Magus of Rukemia   Rukemia Aridorn Half-orc Female
Bendri, Davros Tax Marshall Drakkellian Harbor Tax Office Drakkellian Alliance Drakkel Human Male
Berosh Guild Master Brotherhood of the Serpent Tongue Coalition - Giant (saurian) Male
Berric Captain of the Pride of Mercia Pride of Mercia - ship Mercia Freeport Human Male
Berrok, Ayger Earl of Korrington   Arkalia Korrington Human Male
Blutark Mercenary swordsman   Ithell Ithell Ogre Male
Bodikur, Vurai Lord Mayer of Ithell   - Ithell Half Elf Male
Borathor, Trent First Officer of the Nemesis Nemisis - ship Drakkellian Alliance Drakkel Human Male
Borsel Fence   Vorrik Aerith Human Male
Brax the Impotent Free Trader   Rukemia - Human Male
Bruhal, Entrias Lord Lord of Coffers   Rukemia Aridorn Human Male
Caeqor Advisor to Coalition High Council   Coalition Tyrrenkor Unknown Male
Caramus High Priest of Draxorith. Church of Draxorith Duthelm Citadel Half Ogre Male
Chakford Leader of Chakford's Engineers. Chakford's Engineers Kalimura Orrojek Half Dwarf Male
Clontir, Oran Leader of the Order of the Vile Order of the Vile Coalition Tyrrenkor Ogre Male
Cunnaway, James Duke Duke of Cunnaway Duchy of Cunnaway War Vale Thule Human Male
Damdroch, Torian Military Commander of Carrikos   Carrikos Arcanum Human Male
Daurell Captain of the Iron Gauntlet Iron Gauntlet - ship Kalimura Orrojek Human Male
Demetrius Ex-Arch Magus of Rukemia   Rukemia Bollus Human Male
Deth The Keeper of the Shrine Church of Draxorith Duthelm Citadel Undead n/a
Dorian King of Ulkran   Ulkran - Dwarf Male
Douni, Frederick The Pure, King of Ormek   Ormek Stovikar Human Male
Draabyn, Callister Ship Captain Third Wind - ship Mercia Freeport Human Male
Drachens, Sendel King of Normidia   Normidia Tykron Human Male
Dyr, Achim Bishop Religious Administrator   Carrikos Arcanum Human Male
Elritch, Vohan Craftsman, Guild Leader League of Stone and Steel Coalition Tyrrenkor Human Male
Engrassian, Dar Royal Tax Collector of Freeport   Mercia Freeport Human Male
Errlain, Alexander Duke Duke of Errlain Duchy of Errlain War Vale Battle Ford Human Male
Fallathor Ship Captain Green Dragon - Ship Coalition Tyrrenkor Half-Orc Male
Farsil Arkus Tax Collector Second Division Harbor Tax Office Drakkellian Alliance Drakkel Human Male
Fashad, Sincro Guild Master   - Ithell Human Male
Gaith, Eamon Duke Duke of Gaith Duchy of Gaith War Vale Stone Court Human Male
Gedren, Lord Cellar Guild Master Varakai Normidia Tykron Human Male
Gedron Master Thief Guild of Shadows Vorrik Aerith Human Male
Glass Jaw Thief and Gambler Freeport Thieves Gjuild Mercia Freeport Grum Male
Goir, Nevan Curator of the Archive   Rukemia Aridorn Human Male
Gorrosha Alchemist   Mercia Freeport Half-Orc ? Female
Grandok Museum Curator Arcanum Tower of Knowledge Carrikos Arcanum Human Male
Grellmon Guild Master Alliance of Alloys Kalimura Orrojek Dwarf Male
Grepoc An ancient vaullian philosopher. Order of the Mind Vaul Brennag Vaullian Male
Greshin, Stuart Duke of Sarakor Duchy of Sarakor Rukemia Corrak's Perch Human Male
Gunderson Ship captain Rolling Wake - ship Ormek Stovikar Human Male
Gythur Leader of Entropy   Carrikos Arcanum Baenite Male
Harkune, Rendyll Captain of the Guard House Aldrayun Drakkellian Alliance Drakkel Human Male
Haydar Kein Crime Boss   Drakkellian Alliance Drakkel Human Male
Helgar, Conrad Lord Mayor of Korrington   Arkalia Korrington Human Male
Hezra the Halfblood Independent historian   Desolation Shidar Chad/Omar Female
Hon, Jesari Guild Master Golconda Arkalia New Castle Human Female
Horvec Guild Master The Academy Vorrik Aerith Human Male
Hosric, King King of Arkalia   Arkalia Strathon Human Male
Ibotesh Underworld contact/informant   Aukarian Republic Brulan Human Male
Ilethus, Unvar Archbishop   Carrikos Arcanum Human Male
Inbador, Morgan Duke Duke of Inbador Duchy of Inbador War Vale Gathos Human Male
Intrellia Ambassador   Cyrell Ennathe Human Male
Jalek Archmage and schoolmaster Darklore Duthelm Citadel Half-Baenite Male
Kanth, Jaedo Crime Boss and Guild Master   Drakkellian Alliance Drakkel Human Male
Kerraland, Duroc Duke Duke of Kerraland Duchy of Kerraland War Vale Green Hills Human Male
Kraukor, Lothar King of Vorrik   Vorrik Aerith Human Male
Krey Renegade ship captain turned pirate   - - Sybrenar Male
Krodose Mayor of Ice Gate   Borrell Ice Gate Borrellian Male
Krosha, Pendarin Independent Scholar   Rukemia Aridorn Human Male
Krummal Herbalist None Drakkellian Alliance Drakkel Goblin Male
Kuufa Information Broker   Mercia Freeport Saurian Male
Loemar Independent Scholar   Vaul Vaulstav Vaullian Male
Lor'thra Grand Librarian Holy Library of Arcanum Carrikos Arcanum Human Male
Lynaeus Independent wizard   Avar - Avarian Male
Malfidious, Eran Bishop Church of Imarus Drakkellian Alliance Drakkel Human Male
Malle, Nathan Freetrader   Rukemia - Half-elf Male
Mallius Renegade Dragon Knight   Coalition Tyrrenkor Human Male
Marcos Guild Master Prophets of Drellikar Carrikos Arcanum Human Male
Master, The Guild Master Slave Lords Rukemia - Unknown Unknown
Maur, Veshkin Speaker  Council of Guilds Drakkellian Alliance Drakkel Human Male
Molthir, Pon Wealthy Ithellian collector. - - Ithell Half Elf Male
Morgull Ship captain Black Orchid - ship Rukemia Aridorn Human Male
Morlokk The Desert Mage - Baen Desert Baen Desert Human Male
Morrow, Karajan Duke Duke of Morrow Duchy of Morrow War Vale Drachens Bluff Human Male
Mosk, Doriath Lord Mayor of River Gate River Gate - River Gate Human Male
Muer, Agrassi Archbishop   Carrikos Arcanum Human Male
Murron Lord Mayor   Coalition Murron's Pass Half-Ogre Male
Myrasen, Sir Albert Prime Minister Kalimura Kalimura Orrojek Human Male
Nirran, Lord Uri Speaker of the Council   Jannerus Hearthtown Grum Male
Ogdwee, Doren Minstrel Vogue Drakkellian Alliance Vogue Human Male
Ozzel, Lord Tymok Council Leader Drakkellian Council of Guilds Drakkellian Alliance Drakkel Human Male
Paparelle, Kache Speaker of the Council Vogue City Council - Vogue Human Male
Peil, General Karoch  Guild Master Peil's Thunder Coalition Tyrrenkor Human Male
Perrin Tobias Ruler   Khenshire Dunlyn Grum Male
Pig-Faced Willy Bandit Leader   Duthelm Darkhaven Half Orc Male
Pilavin, Olson Free trader   Falkir Clans - Grum Male
Prekari Guild Master The Vermillion Shroud Talis - Phellysian Male
Quarin Museum Curator   Duthelm Citadel Human Male
Ranophee, Ulan Master Thief Ravens Vorrik Aerith Human Male
Ransook Independent   Vorrik - Human Male
Ruel, Suelat Guild Master Lore Masters - Ithell Human Male
Rykel Senate Speaker Rukemian Imperial Senate Rukemia Aridorn Human Male
Sadeish, Queen Tavania Queen and Priestess Church of the Chaddamar Chaddamar Theocracy Illhekar Chaddamarian Female
Samirra Swordtongue Swordtongue Guild Drakkellian Alliance Drakkel Human Female
Sancho Freetrader - Pirate Isles - Human Male
Saramuthak Rebel necromancer - Chaddamar - Human Male
Sargran Arch mage Black Sorcerers Duthelm Citadel Human Male
Sarroch the Wise Herald of House Adhemar House Adhemar, Empyrean Regime Aukarian Republic Brulan Vaullian Male
Sebalin, Jos King of Ethara - Ethara Bazile Elf Male
Selar Guild Master Selari Knights Coalition Tyrrenkor Unknown Male
Sereng, Allard Court Poet of House Inbador Duncy of Inbador War Vale Gathos Half-elf Male
Shegrotha Corvenian witch - Trackless Mire - Orc Female
Sillar Queen Duthelm Duthelm Citadel Human Female
Sivatson, Pentos Scholar - Kalimura Orrojek Human Male
Sorren School Master - Rukemia Human Male
Steffar, Citrano Free trader - Pirate Isles - Human Male
Straddoch, Fen Harbor Master Drakkel Drakkellian Alliance Drakkel Human Male
Sturic, Jonathon Captain   - Garrison Human Male
Suicide Jack Bandit leader   Vorrik - Human Male
Suu-battar Guild Master The Chosen Coalition Tyrrenkor Human Male
Syntha, Lady Erelicias Queen of Cyrell   Cyrell Ennathe Human Female
Syr, Valyrian Lord Mage Priest of Carrikos   Carrikos Arcanum Human Male
Tamir, Sen Sage and Scholar   Carrikos Arcanum Human Male
Tarnok Leader of Alrem's Apostles   Carrikos Arcanum Human Male
Tarrin School Master Uthran's Academy Uthran Forge Human Male
Taun, Querias Ruler of Corvenia   Corvenia Zesrun Corvenian Male
Tenny, Alred Guild Master of House Tenny   Drakkellian Alliance Drakkel Human Male
Theodore King of Uthran   Uthran Forge Half-dwarf Male
Theoric, Calum First Knight The High Guard Arkalia Strathon Human Male
Thurin, Serrax Emperor   Rukemia Aridorn Human Male
Tolien Supreme Military Commander of Rukemia   Rukemia Aridorn Human Male
Tosadds Pirate   Pirate Isles - Ogre Male
Toth Wizard None Drakkellian Alliance - Dwarf Orc Hybrid Male
Trallain Commanding Officer The Vigil Rukemia Aridorn Human Male
Treilianni Artist and Sculptor   Drakkellian Alliance Vogue Human Female
Tretiach Ruling Commander of Garrison   - Garrison Human Male
Trumell Ruler of the War Lords Academy   Duthelm Citadel Ogre Male
Tyranod Dragon Scholar   Ithell - Human Male
Uphar VII, Ine King of Urmordia   Urmordia - Dwarf Male
Val, Mhrol Guild Master The Guild of Magi Carrikos Arcanum Human Male
Varlos Guild Master The Black Sorcerers Duthelm Citadel Half-orc Female
Vaughn Thief Ravens Vorrik Aerith Human Male
Voshni Guild Master The Sar'shang Brotherhood - Ithell Human Male
V'Shang Bandit Leader The Mire Bandits Trackless Mire - Half-ogre Male
Warner, Hoag Business leader and wealthy noble   Vorrik Aerith Human Male
Ynar Guild Master The Fellowship Coalition Tyrrenkor Human Female



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