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Age 22 Hair Style xxx
Race xxx Hair Color xxx
Height 1.63m (5' 4") Eye Color xxx
Weight 53.9 kg (119 lb) Distinguishing Marks xxx
Gender Male Clothing/Equipment xxx

Profession xxx
Chief Location xxx
Affiliations xxx
Languages xxx
Skills xxx


The daughter of one of the Borrellian Chieftains. A beautiful borrellian woman, 22 years old. Always wears blue robes. Enjoys fine jewelry, perfume and trinkets from the south lands. She has ordered her servants and guards to rebuilt an ancient ruined stone tower for her. She plains to dwell there when it is finished. She wears the Headband of Nansuli. It is a powerful protective charm that was captured during a borrellian raid along the Carrikosian coast. It was taken from the body of a Carrikosian noble woman. The noble, Lady Nansuli Demare, and her husband, Lord Anskil Demare, were both killed during the attack. Her brother, Rykis Stallivun, has vowed to retrieve the headband and slaughter those responsible. He left a promising career in the Carrikosian military to pursue this quest.

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