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Ulan Ranophee

Age 53
Race Human
Height 1.78 meters (5 ft 10 in)
Weight 83 kilograms (182 lb)
Gender Male
Hair Style Short hair, trimmed beard. 
Hair Color Grey
Eye Color Grey
Distinguishing Marks None
Typical Clothing Brown leather tunic of white shirt, dark green cloak.
Notable Equipment Short sword and dagger.
Profession Master thief.
Chief Location Vorrik and, in particular, the capital city of Aerith.
Affiliations The Ravens
Languages Vorrikan, Northern
Skills Sword combat, Stealth, Tracking, Lock picking, Climbing Walls


Ulan is the current de facto leader of the Ravens, the second largest criminal group in the city of Aerith. Although the Ravens officially have no leaders and all members are considered equal, it was Ulan who led the rebellion away from the Guild of Shadows and started the Ravens twenty years ago. He acts as a mentor to many of the younger members, approves new memberships and personally gives a black feather token of membership to new members. Nowadays, he advises younger thieves, helps them plan burglaries, helps fence stolen goods and maintains a network of contacts throughout the city and beyond. On occasion, he still does a little thieving himself.


Few know it, but Ulan's last name is Ranophee. He comes from the Ranophee family, a wealthy noble family from the Drakkellian Alliance. He left as a young lad after a bitter dispute with his father, turned his back on his family and fortune and left. He eventually made his way to Vorrik, but found that life without money was hard and soon turned to thievery to survive. He found he had a talent for thieving and joined the ranks of the Guild of Shadows. He served as a member of the Guild for years, participated in countless burglaries and had many adventures throughout Vorrik and beyond. Over the years, he grew increasingly frustrated with the rules and formalities of the Guild of Shadows and found other like minded individuals. Finally, in 2695 CY, he led a group that rebelled against the Guild of Shadows and broke off to form their own guild, the Ravens. The Ranophee family presumed him dead long ago and he has been written out of all wills and inheritance. To this day, he has never returned the Drakkellian Alliance and plans to live out the rest of his days in Vorrik among fellow thieves.

Physical Appearance

Ulan is an older man of average build. His hair is short and light grey, almost white. He keeps his beard neat and trimmed. He typically wears a brown half tunic over a white shirt and a dark green cloak.


Ulan has a weather worn face with years of wisdom etched on it. His calm demeanor and steady gaze make it apparent that this is a man who has seen wonders and accomplished daring exploits and now nothing surprises him anymore. He has a quiet dignity and never loses control of his temper. He can make most members of the guild wither with nothing more than a disappointed frown. But he is also quick to give praise where it is warranted. He is liked and respected by all the members of the Ravens, despite this group having a reputation for disrepecting authority figures. In fact, many of the Ravens are fiercely protective of him. He is sometimes referred to as "Grandfather Raven" by younger members.

Ulan has a dislike for those with wealth, especially nobles and those with titles. This, no doubt, has something to do with his family and Drakkellian origins. In any case, he sees it as his duty to unburden nobles of their treasure and redistribute the wealth.

Notable Skills

Despite his advancing years, Ulan is a master thief and still quick with a blade. He is good at reading people and manipulating situations to his advantage. He has been known to talk his way past guards with clever words rather than employ stealth or bloodshed. He is also extremely good at picking locks, disarming traps and other such security measures.


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