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Age 67 Hair Style Shoulder length wavy hair and a goatee
Race Human (eastern) Hair Color Blonde
Height 1.75m (5' 9") Eye Color Grey
Weight 83 kg (183 lb) Distinguishing Marks None
Gender Male Clothing/Equipment Weathered noble clothing, fur cloak

Profession Dragon Scholar
Chief Location Southern Ithria, primarily Ithell
Affiliations None
Languages Southern, Drakkelin, Elvish, Sauric
Skills A noted expert in Dragons, Animal Lore, Plant Lore, History, Research, Survival, Riding, Writing, Culture (Saurian)


Tyranod is a self proclaimed "dragon scholar".

Physical Description

A handsome, older man with a weather-worn kindly face.


Tyranod is a bit absent minded, but clearly passionate about his chosen work. He can talk for hours about dragons and tell fantastic tales about his journeys.

Notable Skills

Tyranod truly is an expert in dragons and probably knows more about dragons than anyone alive. He wrote the Draconis Compendi - a compendium of all knowledge and lore about dragons. Includes maps to known lairs, recountings of famous battles with wyrms, lineage lines noting known or suspected dragon relations, etc. The Draconis Compendi has been copied several times and copies of this work can be found in the greatest libraries of Ithria. It is THE literary resource for dragon lore.

His passion requires him to travel to remote wilderness frequently in order to study his subject. He has traveled to most dragon lairs in Ithria. He has developed very good wilderness and hunting skills. He is a skilled woodsman, rider and tracker. He can handle a blade with ease. He can read and write in four languages.


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