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Age 81 Hair Style Long and worn in a braid
Race Human Hair Color Grey
Height 1.6m (5' 3") Eye Color Blue
Weight 73 kg (161 lb) Distinguishing Marks None
Gender Female Clothing/Equipment Painter's smock, spectacles

Profession Artist, Sculptor
Chief Location Vogue
Affiliations None
Languages Rukemian, Corvenian, Northern
Skills Art, Drawing, Sculpture, Music, Heraldry, Etiquette


One of the most important and influential painters in the city of Vogue is the brilliant, but reclusive human artist named Treilianni. ("TREE-lee-AHN-nee"). Born in Drakkel, this southerner studied at Ithell, Arkalia and Rukemia before returning home to settle in Vogue to begin her illustrious career. Treilianni specializes in oil on canvas and has a very realistic style which emphasizes natural light, realisitic shadows and color. Her work is saturated with metaphor and symbolism. It often contains references to her Yntharian beliefs.  Now an old woman, Treilianni is something of a reclusive celebrity who spends more time turning down dinner invitations than actually painting. Her health is declining and this has affected both the quality and quantity of her work over the last several years. Her rare public appearances are met with great fanfare and gossiping.

Treilianni has created 750 pieces while in Vogue many of which are considered classics and command high prices. The majority of them are still in the City of Vogue, hanging in various art museums or in the homes of the wealthy. Some of her early pre-Vogue pieces have started to surface and found their way into auctions fetching fabulous prices by certain art collectors.

Over the long years, many of her pieces have been duplicated by aspiring young artists. Recently, some of her “original” works in Vogue have been accused of being forgeries. If they are indeed forgeries, they are very good. Treilianni herself, with failing eyesight and faltering memory, can not tell if they are her own work. Controversy has erupted and has given the social elite of the city something new to gossip about.

Physical Description

Treilianni is an elderly woman of slight frame, grey hair worn in a braid and twinkling blue eyes. Her hair is often dusty with the dust from a sculpture, her smock covered in paint drippings. She has a pair of Kalimuran spectacles perched on the end of her nose which help her with her failing eyesight. The left lens is cracked..


Once an arrogant prodigy, then later a celebrity, Treilianni is now a reclusive old woman more concerned with creature comforts than stunning the city with her next work. She has lived a full life and grown weary of the gossiping debutants of Vogue's social elite. She nows lives in a large estate. Her four daughters take care of her. Those who are closest to her say that she has lost her passion for art and is trying to recapture the fire of her youth. She has taken to nighttime walks, sitting in front of the fire for hours and wandering around the city. Close friends fear she is becoming senile.

Notable Skills

Treilianni has dabbled in every art form there is. Art, Drawing, Sculpture, Music, Heraldry, Etiquette


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