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Toth is a half orc, half dwarf wizard. He was the product of rape that occured during an orcish raid of a dwarven woman in the city of Asylum. As such, he appears as a dwarf at first glance, but he has a greenish cast to his skin and a pair of cracked yellow tusks proturding from his fat lips. He has a broad nose and small deep set eyes beneath a heavy eye ridge, similar to the orcs. He is under five feet tall, but stout and broad. He is a massive belly and a thick grey beard that forks into two thick braids. He wears dark green robes trimmed with white runes. His hair and beard are adorned with rings and jewels and bits of bone. A leather satchel is slung over his neck. He speaks with a slow, meaty voice and has a slow methodical way of moving. He never seems to be in a rush.

Toth is a very talented wizard with a broad range of spells. He excels at alchemy and herbalism and has created several potions of his own design. He also is very good at charms and enchantments and has crafted several spells of his own in that discipline.

Toth has several magical items and unique possessions. He has an ensorcelled walking staff which he created himself. His satchel is also enchanted to hold more than it should be able to. He usually has a variety of potions and elixirs on him at any time, along with an assortment of herbs and spell components. He never goes anywhere without his pipe and some good tobacco.

He is also in possession of one of the legendary Eyes of Ishkol, a rare item of potent magical power. It is his most prized possessions.

Toth is generally a good person with caring disposition, but he's also seen enough horror and bloodshed in his lifetime to make him wary. He has overcome all manner of adversity because of his mixed heritage to pursue his arcane profession. He is widely travelled, but nowadays tends to stay within the Drakkellian Alliance. He does not owe fealty to any guild. He is fiercely independent and values his freedom.


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