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Emperor Serrax Thurin

"His majesty is not to be disturbed."
- Nengan Vear, Personal Secretary to the Emperor

Age 62 Hair Style Short and neatly trimmed 
Race Human Hair Color White
Height 1.88m (6' 2") Eye Color Grey
Weight 65.7 kg (145 lbs) Distinguishing Marks None.
Gender Male Clothing/Equipment Purple and white toga, the Imperial Sceptre.

Profession Politician
Chief Location Aridorn, the capital city of the Rukemian Empire.
Affiliations The Great Rukemian Empire
Languages Rukemian, Southern, Northern
Skills Leadership, Administration, Diplomacy, Etiquette, History, Strategy, Protocol, Philosophy, Art, Music

Emperor Serrax Thurin


The Emperor Serrax Thurin is the undisputed master of the eastern realms. He is an accomplished orator, charismatic leader and charming businessmen.

He is always accompanied by his personal guard. These silent warriors, dressed from head to toe in white and with their faces covered, hover behind the Emperor like ghosts. They never speak. The Emperor never seems to notice them. Although he learned the basics of warcraft as a boy and has studied both fencing and archery, he has no really fighting skills and relies upon his personal guard for protection.

The Emperor is an accomplished artist and musician and favors court artisans that catch his eye. He often holds balls for the nobility and occasionally more intimate social gatherings usually featuring a singer or work of art.

Physical Appearance

The emperor is a tall and well built man, despite his advanced years. He has leathery tan skin (as he is fond of being outside in the open air and sunlight) and snow white hair which is cut short. His regal nose and watery grey eyes are framed by a handsome face which is always composed in a calm smile. He has an air of authority about him and never raises his voice. (He never needs to). He typically wears a simple toga (a very traditional form of dress within the ranks of Rukemian nobility), silken slippers and the signet ring of his station. At social functions, he sometimes carries the Imperial Sceptre, a magnificent short staff forged from adamantite and inlaid with rare gems and precious metals. It is known that this sceptre is ensorcelled with potent magicks which protects its wielder and grants clear vision, but no obvious magical effects have ever been seen coming from it.


The Emperor, while not an evil man, is subject to rather odd whims at times and occasionally can seem a bit callous and unfeeling. Rather, he is a man with enormous responsibilities and takes them seriously. He genuinely tries to do what is best for the Empire as a whole, but doesn’t concern himself if a few commoners get squashed in the way. Generally, the Emperor never sees the suffering of the lower classes and tends to distance himself from the people. Overall, he is a shrewd businessman, a disciplined leader and charismatic figurehead of the Empire.

Notable Skills

Leadership, Administration, Diplomacy, Etiquette, History, Strategy, Protocol, Philosophy, Art, Music


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