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Lord Straddoch is the Harbor Master of the city of Drakkel. He is responsible for the entire port, including all facilities within it (piers, wharfs, light houses, shipyards) and all ships using the port. He is charged by the Council of Guilds for promoting trade, advancing guild growth and the safety of all ships. Lord Straddoch commands a staff of nearly 400 people who fill a wide variety of jobs around the harbor - maintenance crews full of carpenter and stone masons who tend to repairs, cleaning crews who also maintain the gardens, pier officers, security guards, harbor skiff pilots, ship yard workmen and countless dockworkers.

Lord Straddoch is a tall, slender and handsome older man with greying red hair and neatly trimmed beard. He has a sophisticated air about him mixed with a measure of imperious authority. He possesses a rich, yet calm, voice which often has a hint of a threat within it. He is a man used to being obeyed and his stern gaze is legendary. He wears a black sable doublet trimmed in gold and a black cape fastened at the shoulder by three gold coin buttons. He is often accompanied by a small entourage of guards and personal assistants.

In any situation, Lord Straddoch will do what is best for the harbor and the city. He wields a fair amount of political clout in Drakkel. The harbor accounts for more than half of all trade coming in and out of Drakkel. It is vital to the eonomic welfare of the city and he knows it.

Lord Straddoch's first name is Fen. He has a wife and four adult children who are all employed by various guilds, most of them related to maritime trade in some where. Despite his wealth and status, Lord Straddoch lives with his wife in a stone house in the Porthus district, very close to the harbor and the main harbor office.


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