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Sarroch the Wise

Age 184 Hair Style Bald
Race Vaullian Hair Color n/a
Height 1.96m (6' 5") Eye Color Black
Weight 182kg (402 lbs) Distinguishing Marks None.
Gender Male Clothing/Equipment Typically dressed in grey and silver robes. Carries an ornate wooden stave.

Profession Aukarian Herald
Chief Location Fyrren's Wandering
Affiliations House Adhemar, Empyrean Regime
Languages Chaddi, Aukarian, Vaullian, Saridian, Old Kurtar
Skills Spell craft, necromancy, magical research, religion, demonology, history, linguistics

General Description

Sarroch the Wise was once the Herald of House Adhemar a great and noble second tier Aukarian house. He was also a member of the Empyrean Regime and had attained the rank of Thought Master. House Adhemar was well known. Not only was Sarroch one of the greatest Heralds, but Thaine, the House Warlord, was considered by many to be the greatest warrior in the nation.

A great conflict arose between House Ademar and House Hrazan, another second tier house. Perhaps House Hrazan had grown jealous of Adhemar's fame. In any case, House Ademar was accused of conspiring with Lothiramar, the Sorcerer King of the Kalanos Marshes. False evidence was provided. In actuality, House Hrazan is in league with the Sorcerer King. The Senate disbanded House Ademar. Soldiers came to the house and arrested the noble family. It was a night of terror and conflict. There was a terrible fight and the noble family was killed. Thaine fought ferociously, but was unable to save his master. The noble spoke his dying words to Thaine before he bled to death. Thaine, the Warlord, fought valiantly and bought enough time for Sarroch to escape with the noble's daughter and a few servants. The rest of the house, servants and all, was arrested. The warlord Thaine battled his way out of the city and fled. He later rejoined Sarroch and the other survivors out in the wilds.

Sarroch and his group were hounded and hunted as they fled west. They heard news that House Adhemar had been completely disbanded. The remaining noble family had been put to death. All lands and wealth of House Adhemar were awarded to House Hrazan.

The group fled into Fyrren's Wandering and settled in a ruined castle there. They now live in exile in the Wandering. Thaine, the Warlord, knows the truth. He swore an oath to his dying noble master to protect Sarroch from all harm and aid him when he can. Thaine, the warlord, keeps this small group safe from the bandit groups in the Wandering. The bandits of the Wandering have been beaten by Thaine time and time again and now leave the outcasts alone. Thaine left Aukaria of his own accord and is now considered a traitor by the other warlords. His fame has turned to notoriety.

Sarroch knows that House Hrazan is in league with the Sorcerer King and can now prove it (through magical means). Since House Hrazan is now a first tier house, such a revelation would rock the Senate. However, he must travel to the Senate to make the accusation in person. This is a strict Aukarian tradition that cannot be ignored. The journey is much too dangerous and House Hrazan is watching for such an attempt. House Hrazan has vowed to kill Sarroch and occasionally sends assassins to slay him. Thaine  has never failed to intercept and kill these assassins.

The Survivors of House Adhemar

Name Position Race Age
Sarroch, the Wise House Wizard, Chief Advisor Vaullian Male 184
Thaine Warlord Aukarian (Human) Male 40
Mallek Chamberlain Aukarian (Human) Male 62
Brevan Servant boy Aukarian (Human) Male 15
Suelissa Servant girl Aukarian (Human) Female 12
Athezar Stone Mason/Carpenter/Craftsmen Aukarian (Human) Male 38


Noble's Daughter

Aukarian (Human) Female


Physical Appearance

Sarroch is a very old and overweight vaullian. He is blind in one eye and that orb is grey. His ponderous bulk walks with a limp. He dresses in the robes of an Aukarian  House Wizard. He speaks softly with a raspy voice.


Sarroch is quiet and contemplative. He enjoys playing intellectual games, whether that be a game of purulue or word games or toying with an adversary with veiled insults. He has a sharp mind and a wicked sense of humor.

Notable Skills

Heraldry, history, law, etiquette, story telling, poetry, art, cooking, religion, magic, spell craft, plant lore.


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