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Age 43 Hair Style Short
Race Human Hair Color Dark brown
Height 1.7 meters (5' 7") Eye Color Black
Weight 54 kilograms (119 lb) Distinguishing Marks None.
Gender Female Clothing/Equipment Varies

Profession Sword tongue
Chief Location Drakkel
Affiliations Drakkellian Swordtongue Guild, House Aldrayun
Languages Southern, Drakkellin

Diplomacy, Knowledge (Drakkellian Alliance), Knowledge (Drakkellian nobility and guild houses), Persuasion, Bartering, Trading, Information Gathering, Sense Motive, Oration, Gambling, Blade Combat, Stealth, Swimming, Boating

General Description

Samirra is a well known sword tongue (professional barterer) in the city of Drakkel. She is a member of the Drakkellian sword tongue guild, but also works closely as a member of House Aldrayun and has take a semi-permanent position with that guild. She was born to a noble family in Normidia and grew up there, but left for reasons which she will not discuss. She still has a bit of her old Normidian accent.

Physical Appearance

Samirra is an attractive women in her mid forties with a slender figure. She has sharp features with a hawk nose and high cheekbones giving her a somewhat regal appearance. She exudes a haughty pride that speaks of both high birth and accomplishment. Perhaps in defiance to Drakkellian fashion, she wears her hair very short and often has a somewhat spiky hair style. This is quite different from most Drakkellian women who wears their long hair in fashionable braids. She often wears a high collared surcoat over a silken tunic, a belt of silver and jewels, form fitting pants and high leather boots.


She has a disarming charm and wit. She is able to diffuse tense situations with a word and a smile and has charmed her way into lucrative deals and out of trouble on dozens of occasions. She is also a bit of a flirt and has a habit of charming men, even when she doesn't necessarily need to. In any situation she prefers to use words and charm when she can. She detests fighting and will avoid it, if at all possible. She would much rather turn an enemy into a friend and has done so many times. If combat is unavoidable, she will fight, but will usually seek to end the combat quickly (and with as little bloodshed as possible) or retreat and try a different tactic. She prides herself on her negotiation skills and often times can get intractable enemies to cooperate.

Notable Skills

Samirra is an expert barterer and negotiator and uses these skills in a variety of deals, both large and small. Although she currently works for House Aldrayun, she does a lot of independent work on the side. She knows a great deal about the city of Drakkel and what's going on with regards to guild politics. She is a skilled swordtongue, but very expensive.


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