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Pig-Faced Willy

Age 32 Hair Style Bald 
Race Half-orc Hair Color n/a
Height 1.8m (5' 11") Eye Color Green
Weight 99.3 kg (219 lbs) Distinguishing Marks Pronounced Tusks and piggish face.
Gender Male Clothing/Equipment Piecemeal armor, spiked hammer.

Profession Bandit Leader
Chief Location The town of Dominion in Duthelm
Affiliations None.
Languages Orcish, Ogrish
Skills Weapon Combat, Wrestling, Wilderness Survival, Tracking, Hunting, Riding, Running

General Description

Pig-Faced Willy is one of the more notable and colorful characters in the town of Dominion. He is openly a ranking member of the local thieves guild and often can be found leading a group of mounted bandits deep into the territory of neighboring nations. 

Physical Appearance

Pig-Faced Willy is a giant of a man with strong orcish, distinctly pig like, features. He has enormous arms and is immensely strong. He wears piecemeal plate armor and typically fights with a large spiked hammer. 


Willy's features led to endless torment and teasing as a child. Unfortunately for his tormentors, Willy grew up to be the man he is. Willy’s life of crime began after he became entangled in a tavern brawl with one of his tormentors later in life. Willy seriously wounded the man and, thinking he had killed him, fled from his country village. He later found his way to the town of Dominion and quickly took up with a local gang there. Willy is not very bright and somewhat naive. He relies on his strength to get him through most situations and has become a very skilled fighter over the years. After serving as a gang member for several years, Willy has grown into a hardened criminal and earned a place of respect among the bandits and thieves of the town. He often goes by the honorific "Captain".  Willy’s group is the one that is called on to "do the dirty work" of the guild. (Extorting protection payments from merchants, etc...etc...) Willy is very sensitive when it comes to his looks and his intelligence. The slightest mocking of either will be met with lethal force.

Notable Skills

Pig-Faced Willy is a skilled fighter who wields a huge spiked hammer with great strength. He doesn't rely on that alone though. He often uses dirty tricks and "street fighting" in combat. He will engage in arena duels whenever he can and enjoys the occasional brawl.


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