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General Karoch Peil

Age 46 Hair Style Long and loose mane, neatly trimmed beard and mustache 
Race Human Hair Color Black
Height 1.83m (6') Eye Color Black
Weight 84 kg (185 lbs) Distinguishing Marks None..
Gender Male Clothing/Equipment Black cloak and plate armor, engraved chest plate, long sword.

Profession Military Commander, Warlord
Chief Location Tyrrenkor in the Coalition
Affiliations Peil's Thunder
Languages Southern, Ogrish, Orcish
Skills Blade Combat, Wilderness Survival, Tracking, Hunting, Riding, Mounted Combat, Tactics, Strategy

General Description

General Peil is the supreme military leader of the mercenary group Peil's Thunder, the largest and most organized military group in the Coalition. In his younger days, he was a good warrior who made a name for himself on the battlefield. Now, at age 44, he is a feared tactician and has made a name for himself in the war room.

Physical Appearance

General Peil is a man of average height and weight but striking features. He has long, raven black hair that tumbles over his shoulders to mid back. He has piercing black eyes and his handsome face and square jaw is framed by a neatly trimmed beard and mustache.  He stands six foot and weighs in at 185 pounds. He wears impressive plate armor engraved with patterns of his own design and a flowing blue and black cloak. 


Peil is a very charismatic leader with a quiet dignity and aura of personal strength. He is strict and somewhat distant from his troops as he leads more by example. This does not in anyway lessen their love of him and they would gladly follow him into the gates of Hell. He can often be seen standing on  a hilltop with his lieutenants surveying the battlefield before an engagement.

Notable Skills

Peil is skilled with a wide variety of weapon skills and unarmed combat. He is an excellent horseman. However, his true brilliance lies in tactics, strategy and leadership. He has a gift for seeing a person's strengths and then assigning that person to work that they are suited for, even if they don't know it. He has an uncanny to see into the thoughts of an enemy and predict events before they happen. 


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