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Lord Tymok Ozzel

"I find him to be the foulest, most perversely unsettling, physically unappetizing of all
my contemporaries. Were he not such a staggeringly brilliant practitioner of the art of commerce,
I'd have written this drunk out of my dealings years ago."
- Lord Pon Molthir, Ithellian businessman

Age 49 Hair Style Powdered wig (bald underneath) 
Race Human Hair Color Typically white or grey wig.
Height 1.72m (5' 8") Eye Color Green
Weight 125 kg (275 lbs) Distinguishing Marks Gold earrings
Gender Male Clothing/Equipment Tankard on chain around neck..

Profession Businessman, Guild Leader, Statesman
Chief Location The city of Drakkel
Affiliations Drakkellian Alliance
Languages Drakkellin, Southern, Elvish
Skills Bartering, Diplomacy, Etiquette, Singing, Poetry, Gaming

Lord Tymok Ozzel

General Description

Lord Ozzel is an immensely fat, but good natured man. He is a shrewd businessman and a charismatic leader able to influence people with sweet words and play them against each other like pawns. 

Physical Appearance

Lord Ozzel is easily recognizable by his drooping mustache, balding head and deep belly laugh, which is heard often. He wears a gold ear ring in his left ear, which is quite the fashion throughout the south. He is also quite fond of powdered wigs and has succeeded in making it a fashion statement for several nobles in Drakkel. He is overly fond of ale, fine food and wearing brightly colored clothing. He is known to wear makeup from time to time, gaudy jewelry quite often and wears too much perfume.


Ozzel loud and sometimes obnoxious, but also the life of any party. He has a disarming charisma that puts everyone at ease and makes friends of enemies. He uses this talent well in all manner of business deals, social functions and political diplomacy. When not conducting business and attending court, he throws wild parties with the social elite.

Notable Skills

Ozzel can read people and always seems to be able to pinpoint an opponent's weakness. He is known for turning enemies into friends with nothing more than wit and ale. He is able to adapt to any social environment and seems at ease whether he is sipping wine with nobility or draining tankards at the local tavern with rogues and cutthroats. Besides being a good leader and skilled businessman, Ozzel is a legendary gambler and always enjoys a good game of cards or bones. Ozzel plays a dozen different instruments, writes music, sings his own songs (often making them up on the spot) and excels at the art of rhyme. He is a wine connoisseur and a gourmet chef.


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