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Doren Ogdwee

Doren Ogdwee is a pretentious minstrel who has landed a comfortable and cushy job in the city of Vogue's noble court. He is often present at official city functions and ingratiates himself to all the nobles. He frequently pens a musical composition or poem for such events. Doren Ogdwee is renowned for his wordiness. His histories fill many volumes. However, most of his poetry is actually stolen from much earlier historical sources and his musical compositions are likewise lifted from other, better, musicians.

He is a large fat man with a long, shaggy unkempt beard and a thick mop of hair. He has an annoying hysterical laugh. His lack of talent is matched only by his raging narcissim and ego. Doren Ogdwee, though of common birth, delights in spending time with the nobles and fantasizes about seizing control of the court some day.


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