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Lord Pon Molthir

Age 78 (Human Equivalent: 41) Hair Style Short 
Race Half Elven Hair Color Silver-Grey
Height 1.61 meters (5' 4") Eye Color Grey
Weight 46 kilograms (101 lb) Distinguishing Marks None.
Gender Male Clothing/Equipment Fine clothing, furred coat, jewelry and metal stave.

Profession Independently wealthy noble and businessman
Chief Location The Free City of Ithell
Affiliations None.
Languages Elven, Dwarven, Southern, Drakkellin
Skills Appraisal, Story Telling, Singing, Dancing, Diplomacy, Etiquette, Heraldry, History, Bartering

Lord Pon Molthir

The Molthir Estate

Lord Pon Molthir, Ithellian Businessman


General Description

Pon Molthir is the wealthiest noble lord in the grand city of Ithell. His estate is just outside of town, situated in the gentle hills to the northeast. The estate includes a 50 room mansion, a servants house, gardens, vineyards and more. He is a collector of relics, rare treasures and items of antiquity. He travels extensively and is said to have such fabulous treasures as flying carpet, a suit of magically enchanted full plate and a magnificent fire agate collection.

On occasion, when a mercenary company comes into town, Pon will send out a servant to find out if they have been anywhere interesting lately or have any treasures or relics that might be worth having. If that is the case, he will make an offer. Promising groups have been invited to his mansion and been offered lucrative contracts in exchange for allowing him to have the first look at any artifacts or relics brought back from adventures. More than art or jewel or treasure, Molthir favors stories. For a fabulous tale of adventure and glory in far off lands, he will pay well and often does. Many times, Lord Molthir has paid handsomely just for the pleasure of hearing about a party's travels over a fine meal.

Pon Molthir surrounds himself with powerful allies and has connections throughout Ithell and the western lands. His large staff is headed by Trysen, an elderly grum who acts as castellan, chamberlain and personal manservant to Lord Molthir. Sarreth, a learned scholar and powerful human mage, is Molthir's personal advisor and best friend. Grethin is the half-orc Captain of the House Guard, Weapons Master and Molthir's personal bodyguard.

Physical Appearance

Lord Molthir is a handsome and well built male half elf with silvery grey hair worn short. He favors fine clothing usually grey mixed with blue or burgundy. He wears a magnificent fire agate necklace which is no doubt worth a king's ransom and often walks with a jeweled adamantium staff which is ensorcelled with powerful magick.


Pon Molthir is a pleasant and intelligent man with a quick wit and eccentric pattern of behavior. He moves from project to project often losing interest in one and moving on to the next. If he finds something he likes, he will go to great lengths to obtain it. He reads voraciously and is ever searching to add to his collections. Pon loves nature and he can often be found hiking the wooded hills around Ithell - a  security breach which bothers Grethin to no end. However, Pon is an accomplished swordsman and rarely runs into trouble he can't handle. Pon enjoys competition and is a master of chess and other strategy games. He gambles whenever he gets the chance.

Notable Skills

Pon Molthir is a genius who deftly blends economics, business, mathematics and bartering into a profitable social game. Although he is a trader at heart, he never seems to spend any time or effort at making money, he just always seems to have more than enough. Besides these trivial skills, Pon is a master of all games and loves to gamble. He is also a noted story teller, musician and poet. Finally, he is a good swordsmen and trains under Grethin regularly. 


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