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Bishop Malfidious

Age 52 Hair Style Short
Race Human Hair Color Grey
Height 1.8 meters (5' 11") Eye Color Grey
Weight 130 kilograms (286 lb) Distinguishing Marks None
Gender Male Clothing/Equipment White robes, staff

Profession Bishop of the Church of Imarus in the city of Drakkel
Chief Location Drakkel
Affiliations Church of Imarus
Languages Southern
Skills Diplomacy, Etiquette, Knowledge - Religion,

General Description

Bishop Malfidious rules over the Church of Imarus in the city of Drakkel. He is the supreme religion authority for that Church and also one of the more powerful figures in the social tapestry of the city. He has connections to several of the more powerful guilds and has a vast personal fortune.

Physical Appearance

Malfidious is a large and rotund man dressed in shimmering white robes embroidered with deep red rubies. He wears an elaborately decorated headdress. He has rather pasty skin, deep set small eyes and thin, grey hair which is cut short.


Malfidiuos is an  ill-tempered and sometimes cruel man who enjoys the servitude of slaves. He has over 30 slaves himself. He never travels anywhere without an entourage consisting of bodyguards, servants and such. He travels by litter carried by four slaves and usually has a pair of trumpeters and a crier to announce his arrival.

Notable Skills



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