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Age 64 Hair Style n/a
Race Avarian Hair Color n/a
Height 1.62 meters (5' 4") Eye Color Grey
Weight 54 kilograms (119 lb) Distinguishing Marks Missing wings, charred stumps
Gender Male Clothing/Equipment Expensive robes

Profession Independent mage
Chief Location Avar
Affiliations None
Languages Avarian, Bathyn,
Skills Spells, spell craft,


Lynaeus is a well known avarian wizard who owns his own castle in a remote region of the southern Thunder Peaks.

He is a “walker”. A lightning strike destroyed his left wing when he was young and he has been unable to fly for more than 3 decades. Bitter about his status as a walker and also fascinated by the force of nature that brought him down, he has dedicated his life to magic and, in particular, lightning.

He is fascinated by lightning. He has a huge lightning rod on the top of his castle. His castle is situated in the area that has the most frequent thunder storms. He experiments on electricity and is something of a specialist in lightning and electricity. He has developed several new electrical based spells and magic items. He is something of an eccentric inventor. His creations include the lightning bottle, the electric golem, the flash wand, the crystal charger, spark wire and lightning shards.

Because he is a walker, many avarians, especially the nobles,  treat him with great disdain and pity. He has bucked social conventions and abandoned avarian aristocracy. Instead, he deals only with those avarians who are more open minded. He also deals a great deal with the bathynians to the south. He defends his tower with lightning golems - metal walking statues powered by electricity and able to fire bolts of lightning.

Physical Description

Lynaeus is a typical avarian, standing taller than most. His plumage is mostly white, blue and grey. His most notable feature is his lack of wings. He has charred stumps where his wings would be. He normally keeps his wing stumps hidden beneath robes. He dresses in expensive finery that rivals any avarian noble.


Bitter about his fate as a walker, he has devoted his life to his magical research. His focus of study is elemental magic, in particular electrical energy, which has allowed him to develop a variety of powerful offensive spells and magical weapons.

Notable Skills

Magical studies, spell craft, magical research, elemental and high energy spell research


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