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Age Unknown Hair Style Long greasy tendrils
Race Goblin Hair Color Black
Height 1.3 meters (4' 3") Eye Color Black
Weight 40 kilograms (88 lb) Distinguishing Marks None.
Gender Male Clothing/Equipment Leather armor, blade harness.

Profession Alchemist and herbalist
Chief Location Drakkell
Affiliations None.
Languages Southern, Drakkellin, Goblin, Sauric, Ogrish
Skills Alchemy, Herbalism, Languages, Bluffing, Persuasion, Gambling, Stealth

General Description

Krummal is a goblin alchemist and herbalist who makes and sells a variety of goods in the market squares and bazaars of Drakkell. He chiefly deals in medicinal herbs, culinary spices, smoking tobacco and edible mushrooms. He also manufactures a number of natural remedies - poultrices, teas, herb infused bandages and the occasional potion. He always has a good variety and high quality stuff. Krummal is a regular in the markets of Drakkel. He knows a lot of people. He sells his wares from a small wooden cart that is typically cluttered with bottles, jars, bowls and pouches. He pushes around the city, relocating a couple of times a day as needed. On his cart, he displays his banner with a sigil of his own design - a snake wrapped around a crystal flask flanked by a leaf and a berry. He stores the cart at Hykar's Mending Hall when he needs to and occasionally stays there at night. He helps the healers at Hykar's with the occasional poultrice or herb and, in exchange, they give him a place to sleep or store his cart as needed.

Physical Appearance

Krummal is a male goblin of typical size and appearance. He has green skin, black hair and black eyes. He is short of statue and lean. He is very quick on his feet and quite good at dodging blades and hands. He has a talent for getting away when he needs to. He typically wears a stained apron as he cuts up roots and grinds herbs. He has a tendency to talk to himself, chattering away in the goblin tongue.


Krummal has many acquaintences, but few friends. He happily converses with customers and fellow traders at market, but tends to trust no one. He avoids trouble when he can and prefers to just conduct business rather than fight. He is quick with a curse for those that annoy him, but will flee if in real danger. He is greedy and profit driven. He is easily swayed with money and will go to great lengths if the reward seems great. When not foraging outside the city or conducting business, he enjoys gambling.

Notable Skills

Krummal is an extremely talented herbalist and also a decent alchemist. He knows a great deal about the local plantlife of southern Ithria. He also knows how to obtain something valuable out of almost every plant. In Drakkel, there are many people around the market who know that he's the one to go to with any question about plant lore or herbalism.


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