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Lord Krodose

Age 41 Hair Style Long and loose 
Race Borrellian Hair Color White
Height 2 meters (6' 6") Eye Color White
Weight 119.3 kilograms (263 lb) Distinguishing Marks Three long scars across chest..
Gender Male Clothing/Equipment Furred cloak, chest plate and great axe.

Profession Leader of the Borrellian Snowdrifter Clan, Lord Mayor of Ice Gate
Chief Location Ice Gate, Borrell
Affiliations Snowdrifter Clan
Languages Borrellish, Northern, Orcish
Skills Wilderness Lore, Survival, Combat, Plant Lore, Tracking, Hunting, Riding

General Description

Krodose is the favored son of a large Borrellian family, the oldest of five sons, who assumed control of the clan when his father died. Now married and with sons of his own, Krodose works at strengthening Ice Gate and drawing people and wealth into its walls. He lacks leadership skills though and this has prevented him from winning powerful allies in the south.

Physical Appearance

Krodose is a tall bear of a man with a shaggy white beard, long hair and a wild, unkempt appearance. His snow white hair and bright white eyes contrast with his light brown skin. He wears heavy furs over a steel breastplate and heavy furred boots. He can often be seen doing his own fair share of work, as well as odd jobs to help his neighbors to survive the harsh Borrellian winters.


Krodose is fiercely protective of his small frontier town and harbors secret hopes of building it into a grand city one day. Although he believes that he can and speaks eloquently with southerners of the wonders of the north, he lacks clear focus and discipline. There is too much of the woodsmen in him.

Notable Skills

Krodose, like any borrellian, is a master of the outdoors. He is skilled in survival, fighting, hunting, foraging, plant and animal lore, fire building, fishing, riding and tracking. However, his role as self-appointed ruler of Borrell's only city, has forced him to develop his more "civilized" skills: etiquette, diplomacy, law and government.


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