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Captain Krey, Captain of the Warhawk

Age 62 Hair Style Bald
Race Sybrenar Hair Color Not applicable.
Height 2.1 meters (6' 10") Eye Color Red
Weight 125 kg (275 lb) Distinguishing Marks None.
Gender Male Clothing/Equipment Sybrenar full plate armor.

Profession Naval officer, Captain of the renegade ship Warhawk
Chief Location The coast of the Sybrenar Imperium
Affiliations The Warhawk
Languages Sybrenar, Magrakian, Tomarin
Skills Sailing, Boating, Navigation, Rope Use, Naval Strategy, Swordfighting, Krumgol Martial Arts


Once the greatest captain of the Sybrenar fleet, Captain Krey grew fed up with the corruption he found in Sybrenar politics. When he refused an order from a political official, the authorities seized his ship. He and his crew attacked sybrenar soldiers, hijacked the ship and fled the port. That was two years ago. Since then, the Warhawk has been a renegade ship, prowling the seas off the Sybrenar coast as a pirate vessel. Captain Krey has attacked 15 ships in that time. The Warhawk and Captain Krey have been declared imperial criminals by the state and the Sybrenar navy has orders to sink the Warhawk on sight.

Physical Appearance

Captain Krey is an imposing figure. He is large, even for a sybrenar, standing over two meters  tall. He has thick meaty limbs and a great belly. He is an older sybrenar, but sturdy and strong. Captain Krey wears heavy plate armor of the sybrenar style which is magically enchanted to be light and comfortable. He wields a pair of long blades.


Krumgol is a charismatic leader that commands attention. He is greatly loved and respected by those who crew his ship and follow him.

Notable Skills

Captain Krey is a great warrior and skilled seaman, but has little patience for political corruption, bureaucrafts and the like. He dislikes weaklings and those who live by the quill instead of the sword.


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