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Jaedo Kanth

Age 45? Hair Style Unknown
Race Human Hair Color Unknown
Height Unknown Eye Color Unknown
Weight Unknown Distinguishing Marks Unknown
Gender Male Clothing/Equipment Unknown

Profession Underworld Crime Lord
Chief Location The Drakkellian Alliance
Affiliations The Company
Languages Southern, Drakkellin and likely several others
Skills Unknown. Reputed to be a skilled swordsman.


Jaedo Kanth is a powerful underworld figure in the south. He is a notorious crime lord based in the Drakkellian Alliance and heads a powerful covert organization with far-reaching influence.

Physical Description

No physical description can be given as no one has ever seen Jaedo Kanth except for his most trusted lieutenants. It is likely that he uses magic, disguises and carefully placed rumors to obscure his true identity. Even his race is a subject of debate. His gender is most probably male as those in the Underworld always refer to him with masculine pronouns. Suffice to say, Jaedo Kanth could be anyone, even the person sitting next to you in the tavern. One characteristic that is often repeated and widely believed is that he has a gravelly low, yet commanding voice. It has also been reported that he has a hard to place accent. It is unknown if any of this is true.


Stories about Jaedo Kanth seem like cautionary tales mostly. They tell of a calm and soothing voice with almost hypnotic qualities. He is reputed to be unflappable and slow to anger. He is decisive and assured and charismatic. However, he does not suffer fools and an underling who fails him will find his blade is quicker than the eye.

Notable Skills

Unknown. Reputed to be a skilled swordsman and some rumors indicate he may have once been a thief or assassin.


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