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Age 48 Hair Style Long, curly, unkempt
Race Human Hair Color Black
Height 1.72 meters (5' 7") Eye Color White
Weight 97 kilograms (214 lb) Distinguishing Marks Milky white eyes, cat on chain
Gender Male Clothing/Equipment Dirty overcoat

Profession Streetwise informant
Chief Location Brulan in the Aukarian Republic
Affiliations The Seven Sabres
Languages Aukarian, Chaddi, Magrakian
Skills Information gathering, listening, move silently, some magical skill, persuasion, intimidation, fast talking, deception, detect lie, empathy


Ibotesh is an excellent contact for underworld activity, recent events, rumors, gossip, etc. He seems to know everything and everyone. He has a knack for having the right information at the right time and putting people in touch with each other (for a small finder's fee). He is an honorary member of the Seven Sabres, a local thieves guild in Brulan.

Physical Description

Ibotesh is an old man with curly black hair and dirty, unkempt clothing. His eyes are milky white and sightless. He is essentially Houseless and homeless. He is poor, or perhaps likes to maintain the illusion of abject poverty. He is dressed in an old overcoat, layers of rotted cloth and dirty leather boots. He has a pet cat that is chained to his belt. Eight foot chain. The cat, a scrawny thing with dirty matted fur, constantly climbs on him or perches on his shoulder. The two are inseparable.


Ibotesh was once a young scholar and a budding apprentice of House Huravan, a modest but honorable fifth tier house. He was, along with two other young men, an apprentice to the House Wizard of House Huravan. However, one day he did a stupid thing in the lab (against the orders of the House Wizard). His impatience and lack of experience resulted in an explosion which blew the lab up and blinded him. The resulting fire gutted the house and financially ruined House Huravan. The House was disbanded altogether. The House Wizard disowned him as an apprentice. Ibotesh has been wracked by guilt since that failure and has never truly recovered his confidence at spell craft. He shies away from true magic fearful that he will botch it up again. .

Notable Skills

Ibotesh still maintains some meager spell ability but his fears prevent him from completing his training. He continues to learn what he can of magic. He has developed his own cryptic form of notation for his spell book. This chaotic script of angled strokes look like little more than chicken scratches. It would make no sense to any other wizard, but they make perfect sense to Ibotesh. He reads the script by  touch. Ibotesh wants to improve his magical skills (to protect himself in a dangerous world) and eventually restore his sight. He is always seeking new spells or magic items. He is especially interested in protective or curative magicks. Ibotesh is capable of creating light and darkness, making himself invisible for short periods of time and creating fog. He can also create false sounds and cause absolute silence to fall around him


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