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Hezra the Halfblood

Age 71 Hair Style Long, braided 
Race Omarin/Chaddamarian Hair Color Greying dark blonde
Height 1.7 meters (5'6") Eye Color Grey
Weight 56.2 kilograms (124 lb) Distinguishing Marks None
Gender Female Clothing/Equipment Grey clothing, light cloak

Profession Independent historian, archeologist and scholar
Chief Location The Ruins of Shidar and the Desolation
Affiliations None
Languages Chaddamarian, Omarin, Vaullian
Skills Ancient History, Archeology, Research, Linguistics, Religion, Survival, Region Knowledge (Desolation), Culture (Omarin, Chaddamar, Vaullian), Spellcraft, Rocket Weaponry,


Hezra is a half omarin, half Chaddamarian outcast. Born to an omarin woman who had ben raped by a Chaddamarian marauder, she has been back and forth between both Chaddamar and the omarin cultures of the last 30 years. She now dwells in a fortified building in the ruins of the lost city of Shidar.

Physical Appearance

Hezra is an ancient crone and a crossbreed. She has long grey hair which she wears braided. She wears light grey clothing and usually has two or more satchels loaded with books and artifacts plucked from the ruins. She carries a short blade and typically has a loaded dragonmaw cannon strapped to her back in case of unexpected danger.


Hezra has found acceptance in neither Chaddamarian society nor among the Omarin tribes. She has grown to be a bitter, fiercely independent and stubborn woman. She does not like anyone, especially Chaddamarian priestesses and marauders.

Hezra spends most of her time exploring the ruins of Shidar, reading ancient texts and conducting her own personal style of archeology. She keeps an eye out for the occasional marauder that makes it as far as the ruins, a rare thing indeed. Hezra has a gift for focus. She is able to sit for hours and study runes and glyphs inscribed on the ruined walls of the ancient city that she has made her home.

Notable Skills

She is quite knowledgeable in the culture of the omarin, the fauna and flora of the Desolation, the Horde, the religion and culture of Chaddamar. Her true craft, however, is Shidar. Hezra is an expert in the religion and history of Shidar. She has made it her life's work and she undoubtedly knows more about the true history of Shidar than anyone alive.

Beyond this, Hezra has some limited magical ability. She has spells that can create food and water, cloak herself in mist to move about unseen, sense the approach of enemies and generally protect herself.


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