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Age 512 Hair Style None
Race Mixed Hair Color n/a
Height 1.53 meters (5' 3") Eye Color Milky white-blue
Weight 133 kilograms (293 lb) Distinguishing Marks None
Gender Male Clothing/Equipment White robes, walking staff

Profession Philosopher
Chief Location Town of Brennag in Vaul
Affiliations Order of the Mind
Languages Vaullian, Saridian, Chaddamarian (all six dialects), Aukarian, Eshtari, Magrakian

History, Heraldry, Leadership, Diplomacy, Etiquette, Religion, Politics, Arcana, Archeology, Linquistics, Literature, Poetry

General Description

Grepoc is a well known vaullian philosopher and high ranking member of the Order of the Mind. He is a former leader of the group and currently holds the rank of Thought Master. He is ancient (even for a vaullian) and exceptionally wise. His words carry great weight and he is respected by all. There are those who travel hundreds of leagues to seek an audience with him. Grepoc dwells in the town of Brennag in the home of the town's mayor, a wealthy landed noble by the name of Imshar. Grepoc is something of a celebrity in the town. He is attended by numerous servants and protected by the mayor's house guards at all times.

Physical Appearance

Geproc is a stooped and aging male vaullian with very wrinkled grey skin and some sparse, coarse grey hair. He typically dresses in white robes and walks with the aid of a tall ornate oaken walking staff.


Grepoc is soft spoken and even tempered. His voice is gravelly, but he speaks slowly and clearly. His milky white blue eyes are mostly blind and he gets around with the help of attendants.

Notable Skills

Grepoc has counseled kings, religious leaders, councils and nobles for countless decades. He has written numerous books and is a master poet.

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