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Sincro Fashad

Age Appears 45 Hair Style Bald, but with full beard 
Race Human Hair Color White beard
Height 1.87 meters (6'2") Eye Color Blue
Weight 79 kilograms (174 lb) Distinguishing Marks None
Gender Male Clothing/Equipment White and blue robes and a tall staff.

Profession Wizard and Guild Master
Chief Location The Free City of Ithell
Affiliations The Ithellian College of Magic and Science
Languages Southern, Northern, Elven, Corven, Drakkellin, Irenni, Traxxian and Thullian
Skills Magic, Spellcraft, Divination, the Multiverse, Religion, Ancient History, Herbalism, 


Sincro is the guild master of the Ithellian College of Magic and Science. He oversees the administrative and day-to-day management of the guild, but also conducts his own research and does travel from time to time, when required. He is something of a local celebrity and often lectures at the Hall of Tomes or holds council with Lord Bodikur. It is rumored that he uses magic to keep his youth and that he is, in actuality, much older than he appears.

Although a former adventurer, he is most comfortable in the confines of a classroom, his own research laboratory or his den with a good book, a roaring fire and a pipe. He has made serious studies in virtually every realm of magic, and now makes extensive use of personal spells. Sincro is good friends with several notable figures scattered about the continent, including Sendel Drachens and the reclusive "mage of the desert", Morlokk.

Physical Appearance

Sincro appears as a medium height, medium build human male of approximately 45 years of age. He is bald, but wears a full white beard. His blue eyes have been described as "cold sapphires". Typical dress includes white or blue robes, no hood, adorned with silver trim and runes. He very rarely wears any jewelry or adornment, and such items are never of metal (see note #2 below). He carries a tall, slim beautifully wrought wooden stave.

Some odd mannerisms that are apparent are that he is never seen consuming food or drink (see note #1 below).


Sincro is the epitome of the law abiding citizen. This stems from the fact that magic is a very disciplined science and requires an ordered mind to handle properly. Consequently, he has a low tolerance for those who break, ignore or outright flaunt the law. If possible, he would simply turn over such a person to the proper authorities. If this is not possibly, the individual would be dealt with in the most expeditious manner possible.

He believes that magic is an extension of the conscious mind. Thus, anyone, regardless of race, is capable of magic. He has been known to admit grum, dwarves and even orcs into the academy (assuming they display a willingness to learn and open their mind).

Notable Skills

As a wizard, Sincro is familiar with spellcraft, research, alchemy, astronomy, astrology, necromancy and herbalism. As a teacher and a member of the Ithellian community, he is skilled in diplomacy, law, culture, history and politics. He speaks Southern, Northern, Elven, Drakkellin, Irenni, Traxxian and Thullian.


1. It is not widely known, but Sincro Fashad has an increasing obsession with his own mortality. He has greatly extended his lifespan through a combination of spells and devices of his own design. He maintains the appearance of a man in his mid-forties, but is actually three times that age. A side effect of this age extension is that Sincro no longer needs to eat or drink. He feeds on such artificial nourishment that his provided by the same magic that keeps him young. However, the power of his spells are starting to fade, and Master Fashad is growing more agitated as he researches new ways to cheat death at an increasingly feverish pace. 

2. Due to the side effect of a specific artifact that Sincro possesses, he cannot be touched by (or touch) any metal. Pure metal objects will pass through him as if he were insubstantial. A sword will cut his robes, but pass harmlessly through his flesh. This odd characteristic explains why he wears no metallic jewelry. He has two magic rings which he has coated in fraul resin which allows him to wear them. A weapon treated in such a manner would be able to harm him. Certain magical weapons will also pierce his flesh.


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