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Frederick Douni, The Pure

Age 37 Hair Style Curly and long. 
Race Human Hair Color Dark brown
Height 1.81 meters (5'11") Eye Color Brown
Weight 67.5  kilograms (149 lb) Distinguishing Marks None.
Gender Male Clothing/Equipment Dresses in elaborate finery.

Profession King of Ormek
Chief Location The capital city of Stovikar.
Affiliations None.
Languages Rukemian, Southern, Ogrish, Orcish
Skills Sword Combat


Frederick Douni, also known as Frederick the Pure, is the current reigning King of Ormek and has been for17 years. Frederick is overly concerned with noble pursuits and kingly pleasures. He courts any lady in his court with abandon and has half a dozen consorts at least.

Physical Appearance

King Frederick is a tall, lanky, pale skinned man with a thin mustache and long, curly black hair. He is a vain and arrogant fop and an effete snob. His clothes are always of the finest materials, hand crafted by masters and often lavishly embroidered. Ruffled collars, silk stockings and feathers hats are quite common for him. His favorite colors are black and purple.


Frederick is cruel and petty man given to emotional outbursts and temper tantrums. He is impatient, easily distracted and vain.  

Notable Skills

Despite wasting a great deal of time courting ladies, gambling and reigning over the local arena, King Frederick is skilled diplomat, a cunning politician and eloquent speaker. He is adept at swordplay (having been schooled under fine fencing masters) and throwing daggers.


Frederick Douni was born in the large town of Ravenhill. His father was the King of Ormek at the time and his mother was a simple maidservant who worked in Kragenmyr Castle and sometimes helped heal the wounded gang warfare victims at Blackstone Keep. Frederick grew up royal and was constantly surrounded by the affects of this trait. He was spoiled by his parents and often got whatever he wanted. He began learning sword combat at the age of eight from many fine fencing masters. He was schooled by a private tutor and learned the common subjects, but his gift of public speaking came from his father. When Frederick was 16 years old, he began to take on the kingdom. The young prince was in charge of controlling the immense amount of crime and gang warfare that plagued the kingdom in all cities. However, he would soon take on the whole throne. The next year, Frederick was forced to watch his father's assassination by the crime cartel, The Fellowship, from the Coalition. The mentally scarred prince took on his father's throne immediately following his death. Frederick has served as King of Ormek for the last 17 years. Some people believe his strange temper outbursts and other wicked qualities are attributed to his spoiling as a child and the gruesome death of his father.


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